What To Put Around Above Ground Pool

You have probably been thinking about the best way to beautify your above-ground pool.

There are a variety of options that you can make use of to properly landscape your pool. Some include: gravel, plants, decks, etc.

In this article I will go into detail about the various items you can place around your pool.

What can I use as a border around my pool?

Above-ground pools are always a wonderful option for people who want to save money on constructing a conventional in-ground pool. Sometimes, above ground pools aren’t known so much for their attractiveness. However, there are a number of things you can put around your pool to improve its aesthetics.

  1. Decks: Building a deck can form an awesome border for your above-ground pool. Decks are not just limited to inground pools. They are very useful for bringing out the beauty of your pool and making it look like any other inground pool.

The advantage of building decks around your pool is that you can place furniture of different types. This is very useful in that, even if you don’t plan on swimming, you can just relax by the poolside while enjoying the weather or having a cool drink.

If you are planning on building a deck, the best option is to use composite materials that look like wood. The reason for this is that using wood will require frequent treatment due to the proximity to water. However, those composite materials you use will be water resistant, and you won’t have to spend so much time having to treat them regularly.

In addition, due to the proximity to water, ensure that the surface of your deck is well textured. This will prevent slips when the deck is wet.

  • Stones: Using stones is another way to create wonderful borders for your above-ground pool. Natural stones, in particular, are an option for this. You can decide to place some flat rocks around the perimeter of your pool. They can hide the walls of your pool and give it a touch of nature.

You can even spice the creativity up a notch by designing these rocks into a staircase that leads you up into the pool.

  • Plants: Who said plants can’t form a defense? Plants are another wonderful option for forming a border. You can encapsulate your pool in a shade of greenery. All you need to do is plant some low-growing shrubs and flowers around your pool.

You can decide to plant it directly into the soil. However, you have the option of using flowers. pots. These pots will give you versatility. You can easily adjust their position and placement to give different looks. Invest in this and you won’t ever regret it.

  • Add a retaining wall: You can do this when you want to up the ante with regards to the border. If you don’t like the plain look of your above-ground pool, you can improve its looks by investing in constructing a wall around the perimeter. You could construct a wall out of wood paneling or even stone. For a different kind of look, you could make use of poured concrete.

What do I put on the sides of my above ground pool?

Above ground pools don’t have to look boring anymore. You can get creative with what you want to put on their sides to give them that attractive look.

  • Lighting: Who doesn’t love a touch of good lighting? You can liven up the atmosphere and mood around your pool with this easy fix. Swimming pool lights can come in handy at night and make your pool safer. With these lights, you don’t have to worry about finding your way in the dark. The plus side is that they give your pool some beautiful aesthetics. The attractiveness they come with will make you just want to soak in the pool some more.
  • Shades: Investing in a shade is also a creative idea. If you are living in a place that experiences a lot of warmer temperatures during the year, then this will be very important to you. Shades and pergolas help keep out the heat. You can easily relax under them, even if you don’t intend to go into the pool to cool off.
  • Gravel: Gravel and small stones can be placed by the sides of your pool. They are a good investment, as they can function as good drainage options. Placing gravel around your pool can help prevent the soil around your pool from waterlogging. Water splashes from the pool can easily be drained away, as gravel is quite porous.

In addition to this, gravel can come in different colors and sizes. This means that you can choose anyone to accentuate your yard. To top it all off, they are quite cost-effective. You don’t have to spend a fortune getting them.

What do I put around my above ground pool base?

There are some quality options that pool owners can use around their pool’s base. I will list some below.

  • Pavers: Paving stones are a perfect way to accentuate your above-ground pool’s base. They are quite sturdy and weather-resistant. The upside to them is their mobility and adaptability. You can easily arrange them in different designs and styles to give your above-ground pool a nice look.
  • Concrete: If you do not plan on moving your pool anytime soon, you can go with these options to surround the base. Concrete is also very durable, and it also prevents the growth of unwanted weeds or grass in that spot.
  • Plants: As mentioned before, you can place plants right at the base. Using planters or pots gives a natural greenness to your pool. They can bring you closer to nature. You can also invest in some nice-smelling plants that will pervade the air with their nice scents even while you swim.

Is it good to put mulch around a pool?

The purpose of mulch is to conserve moisture and nutrients in the soil around your pool. This is especially important if you have invested in growing plants around your pool. However, you must know that if you plan on using organic mulch, it can come with some issues.

The wind can easily blow the leaves and loose dirt into the pool. Also, tracking can occur, where your feet can carry dirt from the mulch into the pool. Another problem with organic mulch is that it can attract pests and bugs such as termites and caterpillars. Have in mind that your pool liner is made with cellulose. These bugs can greatly damage this liner.

Does rubber mulch attract bugs?

Rubber mulch is a great alternative to organic mulch. It does the work of organic mulch and even much more. One of the advantages of rubber mulch is that it doesn’t attract pests or bugs. Most of them are already treated with pest-resistant chemicals, so they are quite durable and long-lasting. Another advantage of rubber mulch is that you don’t need to replace it constantly or worry about wind blowing it away.

How do I keep grass from growing around my above ground pool?

Taking care of above-ground pools shouldn’t be difficult. It’s true that unwanted weeds and grass can threaten to show up around your pool, but here are ways to deal with that.

  1. Trim the grass and weeds right down to the ground. You can make use of shears or a lawn mower.
  2. You can also apply weed killer to kill these weeds completely.
  3. Lay mulch around these areas to prevent the growth of weeds and other unwanted plants. Another option you can use is gravel and stones. Their presence there will help to suppress the growth of any weeds.

What kind of rock should I put around my above ground pool?

There are some quality tiles that you can use to landscape your above-ground pool.

  • River Jacks: They are quite small, smooth, and blended. The upside to them is that they are quite easy on the feet. They come in tan, gray, and burgundy.
  • Brown Landscape Stone: This is another smooth-surfaced stone. They are creamy tanned in color and also easy on the feet.
  • The Pure Red landscape stone: The brick red coloring fits well into any red-themed landscape. You should place them in areas where your feet will cross regularly.

Can you put pea gravel around a pool?

Yes, you can. It is the perfect tool for landscaping your pool. It is very versatile and has been nicknamed the “Mystique of outdoor landscaping” due to how adaptable it is. It is quite durable and isn’t even costly to install either.

Can you put carpet under the above ground pool?

Carpets can be put under above-ground pools. However, it must be ensured that they are durable. In addition, they are best used for inflatable pools or Intex pools.

Can you tile around an above ground pool?

Yes, you can. Tiles are options that can give your above-ground pool an aesthetic and also a playful look. However, you must ensure that the tiles that you make use of are well textured. You don’t want to make them slippery when wet.

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