What Accessories Do I Need For A Hot Tub? The 30 Spa Accessories

There are many accessories designed for spas. Knowing the right one for your hot tub is essential to your budget. As a hot tub owner, soaking in your hot tub can give you a perfect sensation and feeling of comfort. What if I tell you that you can make your experience in your spa more relaxing and enjoyable? Yes, you can, all you need is to add some accessories to your hot tub for a perfect experience.

What are the benefits of using accessories in your hot tub

  • They help prevent particles from contaminating the hot tub – some hot tub accessories can be used to prevent air particles from entering your hot tub water.
  • It makes the hot tub more comfortable – the use of some accessories like a gorilla hot tub pillow makes it possible for you to rest your head without straining your neck.
  • Some accessories remove hot tub smell – the use of some accessories like a spazz, bathing crystals, etc helps to remove the bad smell that is present in your by giving your hot tub a good scent and fragrance. These come in various scents it is your choice of the scent you prefer.
  • They help clean scum – accessories like star scum absorber helps to remove scum that is present in your hot tub using absorption. It helps to make sure your hot tub is scum free
  • They prevent food particles from entering your hot tub – the use of accessories like a hot tub table helps to ensure that food particles do not enter your hot tub.

How to choose the best hot tub accessories

A lot of people buy hot tub because of the good relaxing experience it gives, while some buy it for therapy and the rest buys hot tub for social activities like pool parties etc. no matter your reason for purchasing your hot tub, with the use of hot tub accessories you can enhance your hot tub accessories.

There are some factors you need to consider while deciding on what hot tub accessory to buy

  • Your lifestyle – the type of lifestyle you live will determine the best suitable hot tub accessory you will need. If you live on a moderate budget you do not need to buy accessories that are expensive and also difficult to maintain.
  • Spa model – if you do your researches well, some hot tub accessories will not match with the type of hot tub you buy. Like if you buy a music-ready hot tub it will be possible for you to add Bluetooth connectivity to enable the stream of your favorite music.
  • What you want from the hot tub – as a hot tub owner, you may need a hot tub for entertainment, pool parties, or even just for therapy. By knowing what you need from your hot tub, you can decide on the best accessories to enhance your experience while using it.

Some qualities you should look out for while considering buying hot tub accessory

  1. Comfort and usability

For some hot tub owners, their hot tub is a place they go to relax after days of work. When you hear comfort it means a relaxing experience and privacy whereas usability talks about access.

As for privacy, you may be looking for a place that is peaceful and quiet that you can just relax and soak without disturbance. Not to worry, various accessories can help you achieve this ultimate experience.

  • Privacy screen: Privacy screens are made in various styles and designs. The use of folding vinyl is a simple, portable, easy and cheap way of blocking unwanted disturbances and views.
  • Privacy shields: Nature on its own can be very harsh sometimes; as it displays its harshness various elements can find their way into your hot tub. You can avoid these from happening with the use of a privacy shield, it prevents elements from entering your hot tub. Not only does a privacy shield prevents your outdoor hot tub from elements, but it also protects you from unwanted views during your soak.

If you need a place for people to hang out and get together or just an environment where you can sit back and enjoy your personal home hot tub experience. I think you will be interested in adding a hot tub surround, enhanced decking, or built-in seats around or near your hot tub.

  1. Safety

As a hot tub owner safety is always a big concern. Even if you obey all the safety measures, accidents can still happen. But if you make use of hot tub accessories it makes your hot tub safer to use. Some accessories are

  • Hot tub covers and locks: Having a hot tub with clips is very necessary, to keep your hot tub clean and energy-efficient, your hot tub cover is your first protector. Ensure that your hot tub cover closes firmly and locks. This will keep your children from entering your hot tub mistakenly while they are playing. A lock hot tub helps to keep uninvited children, adults, and animals away from your hot tub while you are not around.
  • Cover lift: Cover lift is one of the most essential accessories, removing your hot tub cover is one of the challenging daily tasks of owning a hot tub because it requires energy and power. A cover lifter makes lifting your cover very easy and convenient that only one person can even lift it. Cover lifter also holds your cover while you soak and relax in your hot tub. When the cover is up it can act as a privacy shield while you soak.
  • Signage: It is always good to create guidelines and rules on how to use your hot tub with family and friends. Signage helps to make hot tub rules easier to remember and understand while you are not around. Signage helps you to create signs reminding people of the danger of drinking before or while soaking in a hot tub. It also helps with reminders of the danger inherent with water and chemicals. Signs are also necessary to warn people to avoid using the hot tub during thunderstorms and harsh weather conditions. Although safety signage is not required for your private hot tub, it is not a bad idea to put them because they can constantly help you manage a safe hot tub.
  • Gates and fencing: Installing gates and fences around your hot tub are recommended because it helps prevent children from entering the hot tub without adult supervision. Ensure that your hot tub is always covered and the fence is locked when not in use to ensure that children and pets do not enter or fall into your hot tub by mistake.
  • Handrails, non-slip surfaces: Handrails and non-slip surfaces should be installed on the steps and other areas on the deck, to prevent falls and other serious injuries. Sometimes getting out of a hot tub is not that easy so you need to install handrails to act as support to you when entering or leaving your hot tub. Also, try and install anti-skid threads to your hot tub steps to prevent the incidence of slipping and falling from the steps.
  • Lighting: Sometimes, poor lighting can be a limiting factor to a safe hot tub. To prevent falls and injuries in the process of entering or leaving your hot tub you need to ensure that your hot tub is well lighted. You need to check for areas that look dark or less visible where someone can trip or fall from. If during your lookout you see any, install exterior lighting to ensure that one does not trip or injure themselves.

3. Fun and entertainment

Your hot tub is very good for relaxing and therapy, but it does not mean that you cannot have fun as well. Various hot tub accessories can help you make your hot tub entertaining and ready for a party.

  • Sound system: When the right music is added to your relaxing therapy session it helps relieve you of the day’s stress. Being surrounded by an audio system that plays your favorite music while you relax, helps to enhance your hot tub experience. Floating waterproof speakers are another way of enjoying a smooth hot tub sound experience.
  • Toys and games: If you regularly soak with your family in your hot tub and your children always disturb you from having a quiet relaxing soak. All you need to do is purchase some hot tub toys like floating noodles, pool ping pong, basketball hoops which they can play with while in the hot tub, it is a double win for you.

Also if you are the type of hot tub owner that enjoys relaxing and playing with friends you can purchase some waterproof deck cards like Doyle, luno, etc. Hot tubs also have board games like chess, checkers or backgammon, etc they are made with a waterproof board and magnetic piece.

  • Hot tub exercise accessories: If you are a hot tub owner and you also like working out and exercise you are in luck because you can also do lots of your favorite strength and flexibility exercises while in your hot tub. Exercising in your hot tub helps to minimize the impact on joints and reduces muscle stiffness.

One of the hot tub fitness accessories is the standard resistance bands. Any resistance exercise that you do outside your hot tub can be done in your hot tub. Some hot tub toys can also be used as a hot tub exercise accessory, like the pool noodle if you grab and press them under the water you can work out muscles without stressing the joint.

4. Therapy

Owning a hot tub can be for various reasons and activities but one of the purposes of buying a hot tub is hydrotherapy. One of the most pleasant parts of therapy is the relaxing scent, sights, and sounds.

  • Hot tub scent: There is a variety of fragrances and scents available in some specialized hot tub salt. This substance has various appealing scents to choose from. This hot tub scented substance is created in a way that enhances your hot tub experience without alternating your pH level, alkalinity, or harming your hot tub equipment.

You can also use skin softening water conditioners to help keep your skin moisturized and soft while you relax in your hot tub. Ensure you check your PH level and alkalinity before you add the conditioner to ensure it is properly prepped.

5. Maintenance and water care

While you are relaxing and enjoying a soak in your hot tub remember that you have to keep an eye out for the maintenance and water care of your hot tub. Many people avoid the task of maintaining their hot tub due to the time and effort it takes. However, with the proper upkeep, you can keep your hot tub and hot tub accessories free of debris, dirt, and anything that can cause damage to them.

Some accessories function as a hot tub cleaner and can help you maintain your hot tub. A chemical floater used following bromine sanitation regimens can help ensure that your hot tub sanitizer level is correct. Another accessory that you can use to maintain your hot tub is the scrub brush. A hot tub scrub brush is a slightly curved brush that can be used to wash the wall, floors, and corners of your hot tub.

As you keep your filters and jets clean, you need to also keep an eye out for your water chemistry. As you do your researches take your time to balance the pros and cons of each accessory. Ensure you buy quality hot tub accessories to prevent future regrets.

30 hot tub accessories you need to consider

Hot tub accessories are those additional gadgets, toys, and devices that help to enhance the relaxing feeling one can get in a hot tub. Grouped into two, functional/ safety and entertainment accessory.

Functional and safety

Functional accessories are accessories that make it easier for you to make use of your hot tub. Also, safety accessories are those accessories that ensure that your hot tub is at the maximum safest level while you use it.

  1. Cover – hot tub covers are not always included when you purchase a hot tub, hot tub cover serves an essential purpose in your hot tub. A hot tub cover serves as protection against air particles and airborne germs; it also helps in energy efficiency.
  2. Steps – a quality step in your hot tub is essential for your hot tub, to enable you to enter and exit your hot tub thereby reducing the risk of you slipping and galling. It is recommended that you purchase water-resistant steps of any color and style of your choice instead of trying to make your own.
  3. Handrail – a handrail works in hand with the steps, it helps give you more support while entering or exiting your hot tub. When installing ensure that the base plate slides beneath the hot tub.
  4. Water seats – the seat of most hot tubs is designed to give a comfortable seating area for people using them. However, they could be made softer with the aid of a cushion. This seat could also be helpful to you if you have young children who are of a height that you think is safe for them in your hot tub.

This seat is about 5 inches, it is made from soft foam and it boosts the height of your child; it also has a suction cup that helps in stabilizing the seat.

  1. Cover lifter –removing your hot tub cover is not usually easy to do on your own, but with the use of a cover lifter, it will be very easy. The cover lifter is built in a way that it is easy to remove your hot tub cover. The hot tub cover lifter has various styles, so when purchasing choose the one that suits you the best. It is made from powder-coated aluminum therefore it is rustproof.
  2. Remote monitoring app – the job of checking your hot tub setting and adjusting it daily is stressful, but with the use of the hot tub monitoring app you can monitor, check and adjust your hot tub setting from a distance just with the use of a mobile device. This app synchronizes with your hot tub thereby, making it possible for you to monitor the health of your hot tub and adjust if necessary from miles away.
  3. Aqua broom – aqua broom acts like a vacuum but it is more effective than a vacuum, it can be used without the vacuum hose and it can run for up to three hours. It can be extended with a telescoping pole.
  4. Umbrella – adding an umbrella to your hot tub can act as shade, it can protect you from UV rays and sun rays. An umbrella can also protect you from rain and snow, during rainy seasons and snow season. Some hot tub umbrellas can rotate 360 degrees.
  5. Pillows – hot tubs have a soft wall that you can lean on but there are not very comfortable and they can cause neck strains. There specially designed pillows like the gorilla grip non-slip hot tub pillow act as headrest in your hot tub shell to comfort your head and neck. It is waterproof and it will only add to your hot tub enjoyment and relaxing rest.

This pillow is made from high-quality padded foam and provides a high level of support. It also has a suction cup which enables it to stay balanced and at a place at all times. It is airtight to prevent water from entering into which prevents smell and mold. The pillow is very easy to clean.

  1. Towel trees – towel trees are a place to hang your towel which is above the ground to ensure that your towel dries faster.
  2. Storage seat – this is a place for storing your accessories like your fresh towel and robes while you are relaxing in your hot tub. The storage seats can also be used as a seat while you remove your shoes.
  3. Unbreakable glasses- unbreakable glasses are very important hot tub accessories that can be used to replace the normal glasses we use. When we use the normal breakable glasses it slips from your hands and breaks while you are soaking in your hot tub. these unbreakable glasses are made of high-quality plastics, they can be cleaned in a dishwasher and they fit into hot tub cup holders.
  4. Scum star oil-absorbing sponge – this sponge serves as an absorber of oil and scum that are present in your hot tub water. This is necessary because the more people enter your hot tub the more lotion, makeup, and other products mix with the water. The scum sponge also helps to prevent sum line on the wall of your hot tub, it can last for a whole season
  5. Towel warmer – after a relaxing soak in your hot tub you will need a warm towel to treat yourself. There are towel warmers that can warm two oversized towels to 120 degrees.
  6. Cup holder – there are various cup holders you can use in your hot tub to prevent the drink from spilling into the hot tub. There are various designs of cup holders, there are some in the shape of Palm Island, some flamingo, it also has a compartment for keeping snacks, bottles, cans, and drinks, it is a cheap hot tub accessory. It is recommendable to buy cup holders with various designs to prevent mix up of drinks when having a hot tub party with friends.
  7. Wine glass holder – the wine glass holder is an accessory that holds wine glass firm while you are in your hot tub it has choices of mounting, you can attach it to your lawn stake, your chair, or the side of your hot tub.
  8. Hot tub vacuum – hot tub regularly accumulates debris, which settles in the bottom of your hot tub or hangs around the seats. With the use of a hot tub vacuum, you can manually suck up the debris. Most manual vacuums are powered by a battery and they are also rechargeable. This accessory is important because it can help ensure your hot tub is debris-free, it can extend up to 7 feet in length.
  9. Aromatherapy set – aromatherapy products are available in liquid and crystal form, these products add good scent and fragrance to your hot tub. These products are made significantly for hot tubs, therefore; they do not clog your hot tub filter with residue. Some of them come in packs, therefore, you do not need to buy them separately; it is also one of the cheapest hot tub accessories. The aromatherapy products do not contain oil, and they add vitamins and skin moisturizers
  10. Water thermometer– one of the crucial elements of owning an inflatable hot tub is the water temperature. The use of an accessory like the ambient water thermometer ensures that your hot tub water is at the right temperature; it also gives you the option of regulating it yourself. This will help reduce your electricity bills and running costs. This water thermometer has temperature sensors and they are long-lasting and durable.
  11. Advanced water care – normally, water is maintained by regular testing and adjusting of the chemical level by adding chemicals and pH balancers. Advanced systems such as freshwater salt systems, purify water with a minimal amount of chemical additives.

Entertainment accessories

A hot tub has a lot of entertainment to offer together with the relaxing soak it offers. Some hot tub users may like to listen to music, some may like to watch movies with the family while soaking while some may like playing card games. With the use of hot tub accessories, you can do all these without fear of damaging the speaker, television, cards, etc.

  1. Bluetooth connectivity – when you purchase a music-ready hot tub, you can add Bluetooth technology to it. When your hot tub has the Bluetooth setting you can connect it to your home speaker, your phone, or any device you wish to stream your music, podcasts, and audiobooks from. You can control the volume from your hot tub control panel.
  2. Television monitors – with the use of a television monitor you do not need to choose between relaxing in your hot tub or watching your favorite movie. With a television monitor for the hot tub, you can watch your favorite movies, sports, and shows while relaxing in your hot tub. Hot tub monitors are built with the purpose of outdoor viewing and longevity.
  3. Waterproof playing card – hot tub has some specially made deck of waterproof cards just for hot tub parties and recreations. There are luno, Hoyle, and other cards that are made for hot tub purposes.
  4. Vacuumed sealed tumblers – this accessory is used to seal hot coffee for morning hours and cold cocktail for night hours.
  5. Bamboo caddy tray – this accessory holds your tablet or your phone in place to enable you to watch your favorite movies and shows. It also has a spot for a glass of wine
  6. Bluetooth waterproof floating speaker – there are floating Bluetooth speakers that can connect to any device of your choice and can play music from the floating speaker in the water. It is rechargeable and it also has led display lights with various colors and modes that add ambiance to your hot tub.
  7. The floating underwater disco light – this is a small light that emits disco-like colored lights in all directions of your hot tub. They also have an O-ring to help keep them waterproof. Some of them have a remote which you can use for easy control and easy change of light modes.
  8. Swim line floating game board – if you like board games, with the use of a swim line floating game board you can play your favorite board game. Whether it is checkers, chess, backgammon, etc. the pieces are magnetic so they won’t be sliding around.
  9. Hot tub bar – the hot tub bar is a float that can be easily attached to the side of your hot tub which you can use to keep drinks, wine, and other types of drinks.
  10. Hot tub tray – the hot tub tray is a float where snacks, fruit, tasty food, and some other edibles can be kept while you relax in your hot tub.

There are so many accessories to choose from, if you have been looking for a way to better your hot tub experience you have found your solution. Ensure that you purchase the original and quality hot tub accessories.

How to maintain your hot tub accessories

Hot tub accessories are not meant tub be just bought and used, they need to be maintained to give you the best hot tub experience. The following are some tips on how to ensure that your hot tub accessories are properly maintained

  • Ensure you clean your hot tub pillow after use and store them in a clean and dry place.
  • Ensure you clean your hot tub cup, drink, and wine holders properly after and before use.
  • Ensure you check and tighten any loose screw or nut in your hot tub cover lifter
  • Ensure you scrub the steps properly to prevent algae from growing on them.
  • Clean the handrails regularly.
  • Always close your hot tub with the cover when the hot tub is not in use
  • Always monitor your water temperature.
  • Ensure that you check your hot tub PH level regularly.
  • Ensure that you do not make use of your hot tub during harsh or extreme weather conditions
  • Ensure that you pack the hot tub umbrella after use.
  • Ensure that the hot tub fence or gate is always locked when not in use.
  • Do not leave any hot tub card piece in the water after your soak.
  • Ensure you recharge all the rechargeable hot tub accessories after use.


As a hot tub owner, you will need some hot tub accessories to ensure a maximum experience in your hot. You can also make researches to find the ones that suites your lifestyle and personality. These hot tub accessories also help in the filtration and sanitation of your hot tub, to have an efficient a proper functioning hot tub you need to also maintain your hot tub accessories.

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