Using Hot Tub Lights

Soaking in a hot tub relieves you of the stress you may have been through during the day. Hot tub lights help to enhance your experience. The lights are important to your hot tub environment.

The lighting gives your environment a very relaxing ambiance and helps you to relax while you soak in your hot tub.

Hot tub light colors

Colored lights help in hot in chromotherapy, this is the therapy that involves the use of light and color. Hot tub light can also change your mood while soaking in your hot tub. The light is a part that helps to heal the body naturally during therapy; various light colors represent various emotions


This is the most stimulating color it expresses activities, movement, and ambition. The red color in your hot tub lighting helps to show danger, war, romance, strength, energy, and intensity. It is also believed to increase your pulse and breathing rate, it also raises your blood pressure.


The orange lighting color shows joy, happiness, creativity, attraction, enthusiasm, fascination. It is also said to have negative effects on emotions and it is most times considered as an antidepressant.


The white lighting color represents purity, goodness, innocence, perfection, safety, and cleanliness


The purple lighting color is a nerve-calming, muscle relaxing, and organ soothing color that represents ambition, romance, nobility, extravagance, luxury, and power


The green lighting color represents nature, hope, healing, harmony, freshness, growth, rest, and rejuvenation. Green lighting color reduces stress and helps bring balance.


The blue lighting color expresses loyalty, faith, depth, faith, trust, wisdom, calm, stability, tranquility, and calmness. It also helps to relieve stomach pains, stress, muscle cramps, rheumatism, colds, headaches, tension, etc.


The yellow lighting color represents energy, happiness, joy, intellect, cheerfulness, and spontaneity. Sometimes, it can be overpowering and stimulating.

All these colors offer positive feelings and emotions; they can benefit you in a lot of ways.

Hot tub light problems and solutions

There are lots of enjoyment and relaxing experiences that there are lots of enjoyments and relaxing experiences that your hot tub can bring you.

To enjoy this and have fun, you need to ensure that your hot tub lights are properly maintained and fully functional. There are some little hot tub light problems you may encounter as you use your hot tub.

  1. Faulty switch

If you are still making use of an older version of the hot tub, your problem would probably be from the air switch. First, begin by checking the switch. The light system works when a pulse of air is activated when you push the switch.

Check whether the switch moves up and down with ease also try to make air passes through it easily by blowing air through it. In modern

Hot tub switches are turned on by pressing the air button on the topside control panel.

  1. Blown fuse

A blown fuse is another common problem that arises from hot tub lighting. Lots of hot tub packs make use of a fuse to protect the lamp and bulb in case the voltage rises above the safe limit.

The tube type fuse is the most used type of fuse; it has two metal ends and a glass center. The glass center makes it possible for you to view the wire inside the fuse. Check the fuse for rupturing of the wire or heating up of the fuse, if any you need to replace the fuse.

You can also check your hot tub fuse with a multimeter. Set the multimeter to ohms and place it at each end of the fuse. If the fuse is still good it will show “0” resistances while anything higher than 0 is a bad fuse.

You can find your fuse in your hot tub pack but ensure you switch off your hot tub before opening your hot tub pack.

  1. Stuck relay

Some hot tub lights system is controlled with relays while some direct the power to the light. You can check if you have a relay by pressing the light button and if you hear a small noise your hot tub uses a relay.

When you hear a click in the relay does not imply it is good or bad but the relay can become stuck, corrode and fail. And when this happens you have to replace the relay.

You can test the power coming into your hot tub relays with a multimeter. Most hot tub relays are located before the pool light lamp.

  1. Transformer problem

A transformer is a small magnet wrapped in primary and secondary coil to form an electromagnet. Some hot tub transformers reduce the incoming voltage due to safety requirements to a correct low voltage.

You can measure the incoming power and the outgoing power of the transformer with a multi-meter. Ensure that the wires of the transformer are not shorted or corroded; also ensure that the wires are making good contact.

  1. Light bulb failure

Hot tub bulbs do not last forever, this should be the first thing you should check if you feel your hot tub lighting is faulty. Not minding the claim that they can last forever, they usually burn out a maximum of three years.

You can repair the bulb with a soldering gun if you can handle it properly. It would be better if you could replace the entire bulb. The bulbs are not expensive except some like the hot tub LED bulbs that are very expensive.

You can test your hot tub with a multimeter by setting it to resistance and placing it on the probes of the light contacts. If it shows 0 resistances then the bulb is still good while any reading higher than 1 is a bad bulb.

  1. Lamp corrosion

Due to hot tub lights are underwater it is prone to corrosion from moisture and this can affect the contacts made between the lamp and the bulb. It can be cleaned with a toothbrush.

The light lamp will fall if the corrosion on the light shelf is much. Inspect the hot tub lamp to ensure that the wires and the bulbs are still in contact. Most times it is better to replace the whole wire and connectors.

  1. Control board issue

It may be the circuit board that has been preventing light from coming on. It may be the fuse, the relay, the capacitor, the resistor in the circuit that has been preventing the flow of light.

The percentage of your light problem coming from your hot tub circuit board is minimal. If you have checked other possible causes but to no avail then the hot tub circuit board may be your problem.

  1. Shorted light wire

The hot tub lamp has a wire connected to it, when this wire is chewed by insects, rodents, or is being cramped for a long time it can cause the wire to short out. This wire is very thin and it may be difficult for you to detect any problem at your first look.

When you notice that the wire has shorted do not connect with butt end connectors rather, replace the hot tub light kit.

The hot tub light kit is very cheap and they can last for long. Regularly clean the wire connectors and inspect them for problems.

How to prevent lighting problems In Your Hot Tub

You do not need to wait until your hot tub lighting has a problem before you maintain it. The below are some tips on how to prevent lighting problems in your hot tub.

Troubleshoot your hot tub LED light – while troubleshooting your light you may discover problems that will need to be fixed.

Steps on how to troubleshoot your hot tub

  • Check the main circuit breaker against tripping. Ensure that the transformer is securely in place. Tighten the plugs in the wall of the socket.
  • If the first step does not work, unplug the hot tub. Check the switch, the transformer, and the lights separately.
  • Hold the transformer and plug the LED light back in. if the transformer feels very hot or you smell a bad odor from the transformer inspect it. If the fuses are burnt, you will need to replace them.
  • Open the switch holder and examine the wiring if there is any break in the wires that are connected to the switch or rusting in the circuit you will need to repair or replace them. If this problem is not addressed it will stop the light from receiving power.
  • LED light has thin wires that can easily bend so look out for wires that are badly crimped, squeezed, or bent.
  • Lookout for discolored or cracked LEDs and replace them. Also, firmly press each light into place because a loose light can affect power transmission.
  • Regularly clean the LED bulbs and the LED lamps
  • Always switch off the power switch when the light is not in use.

The benefits of a light

LED lights can help improve your hot tub experience because of the following features.

  • Brighter lights – LED light tends to brighter than the normal light you use in your hot tub. Therefore, hot tub LED lights produce a brighter light than the normal bulbs you use.
  • Less energy and heat – due to the lower wattage, a hot tub LED light can produce brighter lights at the same time give out less harmful heat and also use less energy. Due to the less heat produced by a LED light, the LED light will last longer than a regular incandescent bulb.
  • Color variation – LED lights are available in a variety of colors and some light can be connected with apps that allow you to customize your color mixture.
  • Durability – LED lights are very durable. Your average incandescent bulb produces heat in high amounts and they last for a maximum of a year. But a LED light can last up to 15 – 20 years and at the same time produce less heat and consumes less energy.
  • Lower usage cost – As a hot tub owner, you need to pay for maintenance costs. Your normal incandescent bulb consumes a lot of energy, and as a result, makes the cost of usage high. But your LED light has a low energy usage quality thereby reducing the usage cost. By using a LED light you can save yourself the cost of paying a high maintenance fee due to the energy consumption level of an incandescent bulb.

Hot tub light indicators

The hot tub has some indicators like the status indicator that helps you to easily detect some problems in your hot tub.

  • Status Indicator- The status indicator is at the left side of the logo it can be red, blue, or green.
  • A red light – a red flashing light means that there is a serious problem with your hot tub that needs urgent attention. This problem is not something you can do on your own therefore you need to call a hot tub specialist to help you check and service your hot tub.
  • A blue light – a blue light indicates that your hot tub needs attention. There are various reasons your indicator will display a yellow light, the most common issue will be the saltwater system. Whenever you want to troubleshoot this problem you can first check your ACE saltwater output. If saltwater is not the problem you may need to contact the hot tub service for assistance.
  • A green light – a green light shows that your hot tub is ready and good for use. That is to say that your hot tub is not detecting any issues with your hot tub.

Ready Indicator

This indicator shows that the hot tub is within two degrees of the set temperature. It can be green or red.

  • A green light – if your hot tub is within two degrees of the temperature you set it will show a green light. But if just finished setting your hot tub temperature there will be no color.
  • A red light – the top left of your logo will turn left when there is a problem with your hot tub temperature sensor and it will need a hot tub service.

Power Indicator

The power indicator is the bottom swirl of your logo. It can only display a blue or red color

  • A blue light – the logo displays a blue light when power is properly and adequately supplied to your hot tub.
  • A red light – the logo will display a flashing red light when the heater high limit has tripped. It also means that the temperature of the hot tub had exceeded its limit. This calls for a special service.

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