Should You Wear A Bathing Suit In A Hot Tub?

Wearing a bathing suit in your hot tub shouldn’t be a big issue. You will not go wrong if you have the basic information about the hot tub and how to manage your swimsuits to prevent foam from forming.

You can wear a bathing suit in your hot tub and still have no issue with foams. Scums or foams can only form when you don’t manage your swimsuit well.

In fact, there is nothing to bother about wearing a swimsuit. If you have just ordered your spa and you are wondering whether to use a bathing suit or not, please get one for yourself.

You need to understand that you ought to wear a swimsuit, especially when your spa is outside. If it’s inside the house you can freely enjoy your hot tub naked.

A report has revealed that a lot of spa owners have issues with their swimsuits causing foam in their spa. This could be possible, especially when you don’t have a special suit dedicated only for your hot tub.

Another important factor to look into is what you wear in your spa. Some folks enter their hot tub with any clothes they can get hold of. That’s wrong as it can leave debris in the spa or cause serious foam in the hot tub.

What do you wear in a hot tub?

Don’t just put on anything you see in your wardrobe and enter your hot tub. You don’t want to wear your robe into your hot tub.

Always endeavor to wear a swimsuit, if you must wear one. And it is advisable to have a dedicated bathing suit for your spa or pool. You don’t want to find yourself in a wonderland when your spa becomes foamy. I have been through it before and I don’t wish that for anyone.

At least, when your hot tub gets foamy you will know that it’s not from your swimsuit since you only have one which you manage well.

The Real Big Issue: Some hot tub owners would advise you to use your hot tub without wearing anything. It may look fun as they confirm most times, but it could be disrespectful to your neighbors.

Personally, I would say you should always use your hot tubs with a bathing suit if you are outside. Even if the spa is inside and you have guests, you should also do your best to wear your swimsuit.

Preventing your hot tub from foaming shouldn’t be an excuse to go naked. Many people hot tub owners use their spa in their bathing suits without any issue with it.

Should you shower before the hot tub?

Yes, you should shower before you enter your hot tub, especially when you have makeup and lotions on your body.

As humans, we always take care of our skin and try to make it look fresh and healthy. We achieve this through the application of body lotions, creams, makeup, etc.

These substances contain chemicals that can form scum/foam when they end up in the hot tub. This is why our hot tubs usually get foamy or cloudy when they are heavily used by many people.

That’s why it is very important to shower to wash off those residues before we can enter the hot tub.

Even when you don’t use all those beauty products, the body naturally produces its own. It could be in the form of sweat. This is not also good for the spa. The best thing to do to prevent these residues from forming scum in the spa is to shower before going in there.

Should I have a separate swimsuit for my hot tub?

It is advisable to get a separate swimsuit for your hot tub so you can be able to manage it efficiently. After all, what is the whole aim of hot tub maintenance if not to prevent or minimize unnecessary maintenance issues?

The swimsuit you use in your pool or the lakes shouldn’t be used in the hot tub because the swimsuit could accumulate the residues present in the pool.

When you then use the same swimsuit in your spa it introduces the residues and could cause foam. So, it’s better to have a bathing suit solely for your hot tub.

Should I use an old swimsuit in my hot tub?

Using an old swimsuit will not harm you or cause any damage to your hot tub. But you must ensure that the suit is in good condition.

Before you can use any old bathing suit make sure that it is free of microbes and residues.

First, disinfect the swimsuit and then wash thoroughly with a detergent. After washing, don’t use it immediately in your hot tub. Rinse it very well and make sure that there are no soap residues on it.

Better still, you can wash it with white vinegar and baking soda. White vinegar should be the best cleaning agent for your swimsuit because it does not contain any synthetic chemicals.

Can you wear normal clothes in a hot tub?

You need to have rules for your spa. This will help you to keep your spa in good condition almost all the time.

Wearing your normal clothes in your hot tub should be a no-no for you and your guests. So, when next you have a guest, let them know the simple rules.

Moreover, your normal clothes are often washed with laundry soaps. Having residues of laundry soap can cause foaming in your spa.

Will hot tub chemicals damage my swimsuit?

Your swimsuit suit can wear off because of the chemicals in your hot tub. The chlorine used as a sanitizer can damage your swimsuit as it wears off consistently for a long time.

Though it is usually a gradual process and it is normal. Even ordinary clothes we use daily do wear off. So, it is not a strange thing. However, if the amount of sanitizer in the hot tub is high, the swimsuit can wear off quickly.

Apart from the swimsuit, high sanitizer levels can also damage the hot tub flooring and surfaces, and even the components of the spa. This is one of the reasons why we need to have a good sanitizer level to minimize the level of damage caused by the chemical. To learn more about hot tub chemicals check What Hot Tub Chemicals Do I Need? The Complete Guide To Spa Chemistry 101‘.

How should I wash my hot tub bathing suit?

Your hot tub bathing suit should be free of residues that could form foams in the hot tub. So, make sure you don’t wash your suit with laundry soaps or detergents.

Though some people wash their swimsuits with normal laundry soap and still have their tub free of foam, some are not that lucky. This could be a result of different spa maintenance measures taken by these individuals.

However, it is always good to take the safest route. When you come out of your hot tub, your swimsuit doesn’t need to be washed because it has been sanitized already. Remember you just came out from a sanitized water. So, what your swimsuit needs is just rinsing.

Rinsing is enough to keep your swimsuit clean and free from germs. Unless your hot tub is not well sanitized, you don’t need to bother about washing the suit.

Also, you don’t need to use the washing machine to wash or rinse it. The machine already has some laundry residues in it. Just run it through a tap and rinse thoroughly, or you can use the sink to do the rinsing.

Can I wash my swimsuit with vinegar?

Before you use vinegar to wash your spa, read this ‘Can I Use Vinegar In A Hot Tub? Yes, Here Is How.

Your hot tub swimsuit is better washed with white vinegar than detergents. Below are some of the advantages of washing your bathing suit with white vinegar;

  • It does not leave residues on the swimsuit.
  • It is a natural compound with no added chemicals.
  • It is a disinfecting agent (antimicrobial).
  • It keeps the bathing suit from wearing or fading.
  • It easily removes residues – lotions, sweat, sunscreens, etc, and even odor.
  • Moreover, it keeps the washing machine clean.

As long as you rinse it thoroughly after washing you will not perceive any vinegar smell. Remember, vinegar can alter the pH of your hot tub as we discussed in a previous post. You can read the post here – Does Vinegar Lower pH In A Hot Tub? So, follow the instructions above for optimum result.

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