How to keep a kiddie pool clean without draining

The process of emptying a kiddie pool so that it can be refilled with clean water is one that is often wasteful and, in most situations, superfluous. Unless your child has defecated, urinated, or vomited into the water, a little chlorine tab should be sufficient to maintain a clean and safe bathing environment. Floating chlorinators, … Read more

Best swim goggles that don’t leave marks

swim goggles

Whether you are a beginner or pro swimmer, you will realize that swimming goggles are essential for protecting your eyes underwater and aiding vision. However, you will agree that getting the right fit is just as important. You don’t want to be wearing goggles that are too tight and leave marks or goggles that are … Read more

How to Heat Coleman SaluSpa Faster 

hot tub

You might think that quickly heating a SaluSpa will require complicated steps or cost more money, but this is not the case. The four actions listed below are actually very simple and will save you money in the long run because the SaluSpa will be heated with less electricity. Make sure you have a top-quality … Read more

Do You Use Chlorine in a Salt Water Pool?

Many pool owners ask if the addition of chlorine would be harmful to a saltwater pool. This question has a straightforward answer. If the amount of chlorine in a saltwater pool drops below 1 ppm, it is recommended that more chlorine be added. Chlorine can be added to quickly bring levels up to a manageable … Read more