How To Use Chlorine Tablets In A Hot Tub

How To Use Chlorine Tablets In A Hot Tub

Do you like using chlorine tablets for your hot tub? Or you just bought yours and want to know how to use the it in your spa? This post is going to teach you the easy steps on how you can effectively use the chlorine tablets in your hot tubs. You will be able to know how many tablets you should use at a time, how often you should use them, and how to use them to give you the best result.

What are chlorine tablets?

Chlorine tablets are chlorine–based water purification tablets. This tablet is a water disinfectant for a hot tub that can kill bacteria and viruses. It can treat a water quantity that is 50,000 liters at a time.

The pros and cons of using chlorine tablets


  • Using chlorine tablets is the cheapest way of dealing with hot tub bacteria, and of course, they are very affordable depending on the type you are buying.
  • It is slow-dissolving and this means consistent dissolving over time. So, it will take a longer time to go below the recommended levels which is between 3ppm and 5ppm when tested.
  • It is a good option for those that don’t use their hot tub for a while. It means that a chemical for keeping bacteria will still be present in there for them.


  • With the use of chlorine tablets, there will be a reduction in your hot tub alkalinity and pH since this product is acidic. So, you need to be doing pH balancing when using it.
  • The tablets may create high chlorine level which causes damage to the hot tub components

How to use chlorine tablets in your hot tub

Where you should place your chlorine tablets in your hot tub

Since chlorine tablets are slow dissolving then the best places to be placed are in a skimmer basket, the floating dispenser, or in-line feeder. These three places will enable the tablets to dissolve slowly as they should. Again, it will enable the chlorine tablets not to get in direct contact with the hot tub surface and out of reach too for the users of the hot tub.

How to apply the chlorine tablets to your hot tub

The first method is using a floater:

The floater is the simplest of all the application devices for chlorine tablets. All you need do is to drop your tablets into the floating basket, and then you set the basket to float randomly around the pool. The floater will enable the slow and gradual release of chlorine into the water.

It is better to place the floater when the hot tub isn’t in use. Then you can get it off before you take a dip. This will prevent you from getting eye or skin irritation because chemical levels near the floater will be very high. So allow it to circulate first before entering.

The automatic chlorine method:

This is another device that you can use to apply your chlorine tablets in your hot tub. This device looks like a water-line filter. This device will be permanently installed in the water pump circulation lines in the hot tub. You just have to drop the tablets into the feeder’s canister using the access cap.

The water that will be flooding via the feeder will supply the chlorine from the chlorine tablets to the hot tub water. The good thing about this device is its ability to not being visible to the users of the hot tub. So you can use the hot tub even with this device in it. But, unfortunately, it isn’t pocket-friendly, unlike the floaters. Again, they easily wear out and need to be replaced more frequently than others

The filter skimmer basket method:

This is another device that you can place your chlorine tablets while trying to apply them to your hot tub. The truth is that this method isn’t advisable. The issue here is that if you apply your chlorine tablets via the skimmer basket, it will make the tablets dissolved too quickly. So this will cause the water flowing through the basket pipes to be very high in chlorine content. High chlorine in the water can damage the pipes and even your skin might not be spared.

Can you touch your chlorine tablets?

No, you don’t need to touch chlorine tablets with your bare hands. It is always good to be on protective gear such as mask, goggles, and hand gloves before picking your tablets. You should also be careful, not to let it come in contact with your skin. Chlorine tablets are acidic and should be careful with when in use.

The recommended chlorine tablets to use

The number of chlorine to use depends on different factors like the hot tub size, water, and usage. But on average I can recommend that large hot tubs should go for 3-5 tablets while the small ones can use 1-3 tablets. The best way to get it right is to test your hot tub water regularly after applying to see the levels of the tablets.

If the amount is too high then you reduce it but if it low then you add more. Again, because of the slow dissolving nature of chlorine tablets, it is advisable to check its levels periodically.

The size of chlorine tablets for a hot tub

In the market presently, there are two sizes of chlorine tablets. We have the 3-inch diameter which is a 200g large chlorine tablet and the 1-inch diameter that’s a 20g small chlorine tablet. For the 200g chlorine tablets, they are simply produced for the swimming pool while the small 20g is made for hot tubs and maybe small splasher pools.

So due to the 200g chlorine leading to high levels of chlorine in the hot tub, it is not advisable to use it in the hot tub. A high level of chlorine in a hot tub can damage the hot tub components. So the recommended use is the 20g chlorine tablets.

The duration by which chlorine tablets last in a hot tub

For the recommended 20g of chlorine tablets for a hot tub, it will dissolve slowly for about 3-7 days. Its duration will heavily depend on the hot tub usage, the water temperature, and water flow. The best way for you to know how long it will last in your hot tub is to monitor your first batch of usage to ascertain the dissolving time. you can then use it for future reference.

How often should you put chlorine tablets in your tub?

You can place your chlorine tablets in your floating dispenser once a week. You can use 2 tablets for about 800L of water or 3 tablets for 1000 liters of water. You should always make the placing one in the time. Don’t forget to get the floating dispenser off when bathing, then you can do the replacement after your bath.

How to safely handle chlorine tablets

To safely handle chlorine tablets, you need to use rubber gloves to pick them. It isn’t advisable to use latex especially for long term usage and handling of chlorine tablets. For your eyes, it is advisable to wear wraparound style goggles to protect the front and sides of your eyes.

This will help to prevent a direct or indirect splash of this highly concentrated chlorine water. The water can cause havoc to your eyes like a burn. It will also help to keep airborne dust particles away. You should keep your poison control center close. You might need them during an emergency.

Always remember to keep the lid of stored chlorine tablets securely fastened to prevent children or even your pets from getting in contact with them. Don’t forget to always keep them away from other chemicals in the home to avoid mixing them. Any mistake can bring a dangerous chemical reaction.

Better still, to keep everyone in the home in a safe place, you can print the name of the chemical on the container. If it comes with a label then don’t rough-handle the label. This will help everyone see the instructions for what to do if there’s an emergency. You just need to be careful with this, to keep your household off any danger.

Which is better for use, chlorine granules or tablets?

The good thing about chlorine tablets is that the tablets do dissolve slowly over time. What this means is that you would have chlorine (disinfectant) entering your hot tub water for a longer period. But granules are added to the water instantly, so there will be a higher risk the disinfecting rate will drop very fast.

If the hot tub isn’t attended to quickly, there might be bacteria growth. A hot tub with a low level of the disinfectant chemical is a breeding ground for bacteria. You can’t imagine the negative impact on your health and your hot tub components. So chlorine tablets are a lot better.

Can you put too much chlorine in a hot tub?

This is very possible especially if you are not following the stated measure either on your manual or recommended. The truth is that you just need a little of it to sanitize your hot tub. Going overboard with it will come with negative effects like irritation of your lungs, eyes, and skin.

You can even damage your hot tub in the process. So if you have an over-dose, you can easily remedy this and stop using your hot tub for a while. Just expose it to sunlight and you will be good.

How long do stored chlorine tablets last?

A properly stored chlorine tablet can last for about 3 -5 years. To achieve this you need to store them in a very well-ventilated, cool, and dry place. It is workable if you have a basement, then you can leave it there. Be careful not to leave it directly to sunlight to avoid it evaporating.

Again, don’t leave it in a covered bucket. The heat from the bucket can accelerate the degrading process of the tablet with its ingredients. Moreso, avoid leaving it in water or a wet place to avoid the tablets from activating and dissolving on their own.

Do chlorine tablets raise the pH of hot tub water?

No, chlorine tablets lower the pH and the total alkalinity of the hot tub. It also increases the cyanuric acid levels since it is acidic. So it is recommended to be used in moderation if you want it to be effective.

Why are my chlorine tablets not dissolving?

You should check your water temperature. The water temperature might be what is hardening them up and keeping them in solid form. Again, you need to check to be sure you have no black algae in there. This might be due to an old cracked marcite surface. So you might need to get that replaced.

How to dissolve your chlorine tablets faster

Though it is good to allow your chlorine tablets to dissolve slowly. If you need it faster, all you need to do is to apply the tablets to the hot tub via the skimmer basket. Once your filter starts running the water will also move swiftly over the tablets in the skimmer and get them to dissolve easily. This is faster than using a floater.


Chlorine tablets are a good sanitizer for your hot tub if you like chlorine-based sanitizers. But the most important thing is to know how to use and apply it in your hot tub water to make it effective. You would have learned about it hereafter digesting the above information.

You would enjoy the use of chlorine tablets in your hot tub better when you use the recommended dose. So before taking that next sit or dip, use your test kit to confirm the level of chlorine in your hot tub. So make sure it is on a safe level before using it.

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