How To Use Bromine Tablets In Hot Tubs

How To Use Bromine Tablets In Hot Tubs

If you wonder how to use bromine tablets in hot tubs, this guide will take you through the easy process involved. Hot tubs often get filled with soap residues and skin cells, not to forget that bacteria can also breed there and make it unfit for use. Thus, sanitizing the hot tub comes to mind, and this should be conducted quite frequently with the right solutions like bromine tablets.

Do you know of a better solution for cleaning your hot tubs? For most folks, chlorine seems to be the first option. However, bromine is a better option, as it appears to be an excellent sterilizer that ionizes contaminants. It is no news that after proper hot tub sterilization, a good amount of the solution remains.

These bromine remnants are milder on the skin, and the bromamines (bromine waste product) are less toxic than chlorine. Of course, some homes are already using chlorine as a sanitizer for their hot tubs and would like to switch to bromine. That’s fine, and you can comfortably take a switch from chlorine to bromine with ease.

Why use bromine for hot tubs?

Bromine tablets are available in various pool supply shops and once placed in the hot tub, it dissolves slowly. Although bromine serves as an excellent sanitizer, it would interest you to know that it does not give off that bleachy smell like chlorine does when used as a sanitizing agent. It is one of the best options that come to mind when sanitizing hot tubs, as they can withstand hot temperatures.

Similarly, the less toxic nature of bromines can work well for the skin and eyes. With the presence of bromine, all germs and algal growth get inhibited. After use, the water in the hot tub would also enjoy the change, as it becomes soft and smooth.

Switching from chlorine sanitizer to bromine tablets in hot tub

There is no doubt that chlorine is an excellent sanitizer for pools and hot tubs, as it oxidizes contaminants. This sanitizer works well in invading and destroying the pollutants from inside out. However, the smell remains after using chlorine as a sanitizer. The chloramines formed from the chlorine dissipation of these contaminants leave the stinky reputation of the solution.

Still, some persons may decide to shock the hot tub to get rid of the chloramines. But, chlorine always gives a drying and severe effect and can be pretty harsh on the skin and eyes. So, bromine can also work as a sanitizer and would be relatively safer for various individuals. Although bromine might be pretty costly, it can easily stay effective for the hot tub‘s high temperature.

Before you get started switching from chlorine to bromine, it would be best to drain the water in the hot tub. After you successfully remove the water via the flush line, you can fill it back in before using the bromine tablets. Mixing chlorine and bromine can cause some severe chemical reactions that can turn out to be very dangerous.

Tips on how to use bromine tablets in hot tubs

It would be pretty beneficial to add the bromine tablets in the right way to ensure that the sanitizer level of the hot tub is perfect. Here are some helpful tips

  1. Cleaning the spa

Before you get started, you should get out the filters in your hot tub, and then you can start flushing the hot tub. This action ensures that the filter does not trap the grime and dirt in the water as you start cleaning and flushing the water down the pipe. If your filter is already old and dirty, it would be best if you considered getting a new one

  1. Get the hot tub flushed

Just before you start draining the water in your hot tub, you should first add some excellent line flush product. They are available in the various pool and spa supply stores, and they can easily remove built-up sludge in the pipes. Add to the water, following the instructions of the manufacturer, and get the jets on high.

Leave the water to circulate for about 10 minutes; this would ensure a thorough cleaning through the inner channels of the hot tub. After this, ensure that you cover the hot tub and wait for about 12 to 14 hours; let the water sit as you turn off the jet. Hence, the line flush gets soaked and within this period nobody should make use of the hot tub.

  1. Get the water drained and fill the hot tub

Open the hot tub and get the water drained to remove all dirt and grime. You may, however, find some residues at the bottom so you should rinse with fresh water and drain. Then get the water replaced by refilling the hot tub with clean and fresh water till it gets filled to its brim. Fix in the filters and replace the filter lid if available.

  1. Note the water volume

There is no doubt that hot tubs come in various sizes and have varying water capacity. It would be best to determine the water volume in your hot tub to get the right amount of bromine needed for the sanitization.

  1. Get the hot tub working

If the hot tub is not working at the moment, you should try to turn it on.

  1. Go through the manufacturer’s note

Before you start adding the bromine tablets you just bought from the store, it would be best to read through the instructions stated by the manufacturer. This action would offer you insights into how many bromine tablets you should add to the hot tub.

  1. Add the bromine tablets

Get the bromine tablets, pour them directly into the hot tub, and allow the water to circulate for roughly 20 minutes. Within this period, the sanitizer would disperse and start acting on the contaminants.

  1. Conduct a test on the water

A proper test with bromine test strips would be beneficial to help you know if you had added more bromine than you should. Ensure the water appears with a pH between 7.2 – 7.6, and you can easily read the color code on the strips for the answer.

How many bromine tablets to put in hot tub

There is no fixed amount, as the amount of water in the hot tubs of many homes varies. But, you can achieve optimal results if you employ enough sanitizers for the hot tub‘s water. Hence, there is a correlation between this and the hot tub size. Nevertheless, the ideal level of bromine in a hot tub‘s water should be around 3ppm to 5ppm.

In essence, a hot tub with 300 gallons of water would need two to three bromine tabs. Kindly note that you should only add the bromine tablets if you have an automatic brominator or floating tablet feeder installed on the spa or hot tub. Supposing there is a higher bromine level in the water, what should be done? Well, there are various helpful techniques that you can use in getting it reduced.

Keeping the bromine levels balanced

An unbalanced pH can occur at any time when you decide to sanitize your hot tub. However, there are excellent means that you can employ in getting the pH levels of the water to return to normal. Suppose the water pH is low; you can comfortably add some baking soda to increase the pH. Adding muriatic acid can get the pH level of the water lowered if the need arises.

Aside from these, it is crucial to have a balanced level of bromine in the water to make the sanitizing agent more effective. Two excellent options involved are by adding sodium bromide and employing a shock treatment.

Adding sodium bromide to the hot tub

Setting up the bromine in the hot tub would be best if you first determine the amount of sodium bromide that you need to add for effective results. Why get sodium bicarbonate added to the water? Well, if the water in the hot tub has some residual bromide levels, the bromine would appear to be more effective.

Sodium bromide is available across various stores, and you can quickly get one for your hot tub. Before you add them, kindly go through the manufacturer’s instructions and directions on how to use them. Then, add them based on the instructions you read on the package.

How to shock a hot tub with bromine

Once you’ve added the bromine in the hot tub, you can further make the sanitizer more effective by adding some spa shock treatment. Such treatment turns the bromide in the water into bromine, making the effect of the sanitizing agent last for a longer time. These spa treatments are sold in various pool supply shops, and you can get one with ease.

Before use, ensure that you go through the instructions of the manufacturer and use them according to these stated instructions. Immediately you complete the process and get the hot tub activated, you can be rest assured that the bromine would continue to sanitize the water and kick contaminants out.

You can keep up with this activity every week, as regular water shocking can keep bacteria and molds from building up in the hot tub. As a note of warning, it would be better if no one uses the hot tub during the shock treatment, as the effect may burn the person’s skin.

Best bromine tablets for hot tub

There are various bromine tablets out there suitable for use for your hot tub – Leisure Time is one of them. However, here are some bromine tablets that you can try.

SpaGuard Brominating Tablets

This product is excellent for your hot tub and dissolves slowly while giving your spa continuous protection. These tablets are a constituent of the brominating organic compound. The acidic nature of the tablets can cause the water’s pH to lower. Hence, there is a need to conduct a pH test from time to time and adjust the pH when necessary.

In The Swim Bromine Tablets

This bromine tablet works effectively for killing germs and can help prevent the growth of algae. It makes the water smooth and soft and you can apply them using bromine feeders and bromine floaters. These tablets dissolve slowly and produce no odor after use. They come packed in individual wraps and the bag is easy to open for quick use.

SpaChoice Hot Tub Bromine

This hot tub bromine is an excellent spa sanitizer that works as a better alternative for chlorine. It removes contaminants quickly and yield smooth water without releasing any odor. All body oils and accumulated body cells in the water would be eradicated by the bromine tablets. With the pre-stabilized appearance of the tablet, the water becomes soft without the need for any conditioner.

Bromine hot tub danger

When the level of bromine gets high in the water of your hot tub, it is quite crucial to use the various helpful solutions available to keep it balanced. Excessive bromine can cause some serious irritations on the skin and eye, and even affect the respiratory system. It might turn the eyes red and itchy and adversely affect the lungs.

Aside from that, these chemicals can also cause some serious damages to the surface of the hot tub. Since exposed surfaces can degrade faster when the bromine level gets quite high. Thus, you must keep a close watch on your hot tub’s bromine level.


A dirty or contaminated hot tub can cause some irritations on the skin, and it would be quite crucial to sanitize your hot tubs. Bromine tablets are great for taking down contaminants and preventing the growth of bacteria and algae. They dissolve slowly and ensures that the sanitizing effect lasts for a long while.

Unlike chlorine, these bromine tablets do not give off a smell and seem less toxic on the skin and eye. Shocking the hot tub can turn the bromide in the water into bromine and this would keep the water sanitized frequently. This article reveals some great tips on how to use bromine tablets in hot tubs.

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