How To Use A Clarifier In A Hot Tub (3 Easy Methods)

Using a clarifier in a hot tub is not as difficult as it seems. Is your spa getting cloudy and filthy? There are 3 different methods you can use to clear your hot tub water to make it crystal clear. The only thing you need is to understand the different methods and use the one that works best for you. Check the methods and know the one that is most appropriate for your hot tub model/brand.

One of the methods of using a clarifier in your hot tubs is to add about 1-2 ounces of the clarifier into the hot tub. Then turn on the jets to run with it for about an hour. The clarifier will help to trap whatever that is making the water cloudy. Do this before taking the next dip. 

Clarifier In A Hot Tub

I know you may be worried about the experience. Don’t bother, I have experienced that before; when I was busy trying to meet the deadline for my next book as an author.

That period I never had time to use my hot tub for about 2 weeks. There was a day I was just too exhausted and all I needed was a soak in the hot tub. I believed that would be a better remedy for my aching body, only to be confronted with cloudy water in my hot tub.

I knew something was off and I needed to return it to the fresh clean water that I do have in my hot tub. Do you have the same experience and you don’t know how to remedy the situation? This is why this guide is here; to help you tackle the cloudy water in your hot tub by using a clarifier.

What is a hot tub clarifier?

A hot tub clarifier is a chemical that helps in removing contaminants like natural oil, inanimate scum, deodorant, soap, make-up/cosmetics, debris, and other residues that have turned the water in the hot tub either foamy or cloudy. It will help to make the water clear again and also helps in keeping the filters functional.

Why you need clarifiers for your hot tub?

Clarifiers are needed for spas for the following benefits:

Helps to clear cloudy water:

If you are having cloudy water in your hot tub, the best solution is to add a clarifier to the spa water. Different factors can turn the hot tub water cloudy. But the clarifier can help trap particles that are causing the cloudiness.

It helps to increase the performance and functionality of the hot tub filter:

It can be stressful for the hot tub filter to deal with the contaminants in the water. The filter does better with larger particles because it is easier for the filter to trap larger particles than tiny ones. With the clarifiers, the smaller particles can be trapped. This helps to reduce the pressure and workload on the filter.

Helps in maintaining the hot tub pH levels:

You know it is of great importance to maintain pH levels in your hot tub. Imbalanced pH levels can make your hot tub water acidic. When this happens, it will affect the components of your hot tub and your skin as well.

So apart from clearing cloudy spa water, the clarifier also aids in maintaining the pH levels. It helps to prevent damages to your hot tub and you having health issues like eye or skin irritations.

How does a hot tub clarifier work?

The fact is that some of the contaminants that make your hot tub cloudy are too tiny to be captured by the hot tub filter. As earlier stated, hot tub filters capture easily larger particles.

When the particles are too tiny they can easily pass through the filter system right back into the spa water. This is where the hot tub clarifier comes in. 

Some clarifiers are polymeric and function like magnets. They act as coagulants on charged particles. So when a clarifier is used in the cloudy hot tub water, it clumps all the tiny particles together and makes them into larger particles. These larger clumps can easily be captured by the filters.

How to use a clarifier in your hot tub

There are different ways you can use clarifiers in your hot tub. Three methods are discussed below. It is up to you to choose any one that you fancy. But then again, it is advisable to use the instructions given by the manufacturer of the clarifier you are using.

Method 1:
  • Measure out 1-2 ounces of the clarifier.
  • Pour it into your hot tub water.
  • Turn the jets on and allow it to run for about an hour to collect all the particles making the water cloudy.
  • Then remove your filters and them too, this will enable whatever was taken out by the clarifier to be removed from the hot tub.
Method 2:
  • First, balance the pH in your hot tub. The pH should be between 7.4 and 7.6
  • Next, get the guidelines from your product’s label. It is always good to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Determine the correct volume of your hot tub; you can use the calculator online if you do not know.
  • Now, add the correct amount of clarifier according to your hot tub’s water volume.
  • Put on the pool filter, and run it for about the time you can until you have clear water in your hot tub.
  • Check your hot tub pH levels to be sure it is balanced, if not you need to balance it.
  • You are done. Wait for about 30 minutes before taking a dip.
Method 3:
  • Remove your filter to be certain it is clean. Clean it with a chemical filter cleaner if it is not clean. Return the filter when done.
  • Now, turn on the circulation system, and run the system continuously during this treatment.
  • Shake the bottle of the clarifier and pour the solution into the filter (use the right measurement). Allow it to circulate until the water is clear.
  • Wait for about 30 minutes before use.

How long does it take for the water clarifier to work?

The record time is 72 hours; it can start working instantly but at most 72 hours. When once the filter has been able to take out the particles, there will be visibly clearer water in your hot tub.

How long after adding a clarifier can you swim?

After using your clarifier and you are certain that your hot tub water is clearer which should take about 72 hours or 3 days then wait about another 30 minutes to start using it.

How do I keep my hot tub water crystal clear?

You know you should only soak in crystal clear water right? Then you need to make conscious efforts if you do not want your water turning cloudy. The following are steps you can take to always keep your hot tub water clean and clear at all times

Take a bath before entering your hot tub:

Showering before entering your hot tub is one point I can’t emphasize enough. Most times, the cloudiness of your hot tub water comes from your cosmetics, body oils, soaps, deodorants, etc you use. So the best way to keep the contaminants of your hot tub water is to wash them off before soaking in the hot tub.

Cover your hot tub:

The greatest thing you can do for your spa is to cover it when not in use. This will help in keeping away dirt and dust particles from entering your hot tub. 

Even leaves, pollens, and bird droppings can find a way into your hot tub if you do not cover it. So, to have clear and clean water in your spa at all times, cover it immediately after use.

Constantly test your water:

Don’t stay for too long before testing your hot tub water. Consistently do some basic tests on all levels to be sure your water is balanced. Unbalanced water can make your water cloudy and dirty. So avoid taking a dip especially when the water is not balanced.

A skimmer to the rescue:

You can also assist your filter to avoid over-stressing it by using a skimmer to skim out particles in your water. By doing this, you would prolong the life of your filter and have clearer hot tub water too.

Apply the right chemicals to your hot tub water:

This is why it is good to test your hot tub water almost all the time. You would get to know what chemicals and the amounts you need to balance the pH and total alkalinity of your spa.

There are different chemicals that you need to balance your water, keep it fresh and clean. So test your hot tub water regularly and follow the results to apply the right chemicals needed at that point.

Regularly clean and change filters:

The filtration system of the hot tub is the most useful component when it comes to keeping the hot tub clean. So, if you need to keep the particles off your hot tub to avoid all complications that come with cloudy hot tub water, you should always assess your filters regularly.

Clean them if need be, repair or replace them if necessary. Bottom-line, always have your filters in good working condition.

Empty and clean your hot tub:

Don’t always wait to see the cloudy water before cleaning and refilling your hot tub. You can be doing this at least every 6 months. Even when you have balanced water in your hot tub, you need to still be sure that it is fresh.

So take out time to drain, clean, and refill your hot tub with fresh water. With this, you wouldn’t only be having clean and fresh water in your spa, you would also be saving the life of your hot tub components.

What do I do if I put too much clarifier in my hot tub?

This is why it is advisable to go with the manufacturer’s guide or direction to avoid using too much of it. But if you mistakenly add too much of it, you only need to filter the clarifier out.

Alternatively, you can just drain the water and refill it again. You should also be mindful of your filter pressure or media.

How often can you put a clarifier in your hot tub?

Hot tub clarifier isn’t an everyday used chemical. Note that too much clarifier in a hot tub can make it cloudier. Be mindful of how you use the clarifier.

Clarifiers are mostly used when there’s an algae bloom, when opening a hot tub and when battling cloudy water. So apart from following the direction of use for your brand of a clarifier. You can use it once in 5-7 days. But always lower the dosage than it was previously used.

Types of hot tub clarifier products to buy

There are numerous hot tub clarifier products out there in the market. But the most suitable types are these two types. When you intend to get your clarifier products you should consider these two types:

The flocculation or coagulation types

These clarifier products help to trap the small particles together until they are large enough to be captured by the filter. So go for a clarifier product that is either a flocculant or coagulant. They are a lot more effective when it comes to clearing cloudy hot tub water.

Enzymes filled clarifiers

You should also consider buying clarifier products that contain enzymes. Enzyme-filled clarifiers take up inorganic and organic particles that make the hot tub cloudy. These clarifier products are made from a natural source.

They track and consume these particles in no time. These enzyme-filled clarifiers will eliminate contaminants such as your body lotion, sweat, oils, and other cosmetic products.


A hot tub clarifier is valuable to your hot tub because you can benefit from it in many ways. But, it is pertinent to know how to use it in your hot tub. There are different ways you can do that, and result is always great. So, when you think your hot tub needs a clarifier, use any of the methods as outlined above.

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