How to Move a Hot Tub on Grass By Yourself

Different reasons can make you decide to move your hot tub. It could be that you are moving to a new place, or you just want to change the position for aesthetics. Whatever the cause, the good news is that you can move it without much assistance from a professional to the desired location. Take a dive into this article to discover more.

It’s not particularly difficult to move a hot tub across grass. You can make use of some simple equipment like dollies, carts, spa sleds, and jacks.

How heavy is an empty hot tub?

The weight of a hot tub will depend on its size and make. A three-person hot tub will weigh about 500 pounds. On the other hand, a hot tub that can seat up to 6 people will weigh about 1000 pounds when empty. This value could go up to 4,400 pounds when filled with water and people.

In essence, larger hot tubs will weigh more than smaller versions.

How difficult is it to move a hot tub?

Moving a hot tub isn’t an overly difficult process. You could want to move a hot tub due to the fact that you are changing houses or you want to redesign your landscape. Whatever the case may be, moving a hot tub is doable even without professional assistance.

All you just need is a team of four friends, and you are good to go. Below I will be listing the simple steps to take in moving your hot tub.

  • Disconnect and drain: The first and most important step is properly draining your hot tub. Follow these guidelines below on how to do it effectively.
    1. Disconnect power supply: If you are using a 110v spa model, you can simply plug it out from the socket. For other models with higher ratings, you would have to switch them off from the mains. Find the switch for the breakers, then flip it to the off position.
    2. Connect a hose to the drain valve: Locate the drain valve and remove its cover. Now connect a hose to it. Lead this hose to an appropriate place in the yard for draining.
    3. Open the drain valve: Once you open the valve, water from your hot tub begins to drain. This can happen as long as the valve is open. However, if you want to speed up the process, you can make use of a sump pump or submersible pump. Within 15 minutes, the water in your tub would’ve drained.
    4. Now use a wet vacuum to remove any leftover water: Use a wet vacuum to get rid of any leftover water. The sump pump will not be able to drain every inch of water, which is where the vacuum enters the picture. With vacuum pressure, it can drain any water that might have formed puddles inside your tub. Just turn it on and target those spots. When you are done, switch it to “push” mode. Then place the nozzle on the drain valve. This will push out any remaining water in the pipes back into the tub. This is especially important if you are not going to be using the tub for a while. Use the vacuum to mop up any water that comes out.
  • Lift the hot tub on to the dolly: Your team will be important for this part.
    1. Two people need to hold onto the spa’s opposing sides so that another person can slide a 4 by 4 plank underneath.
    2. After doing this on one side, the same process should be repeated on the other side. This is to ensure the entire hot tub is propped off the ground.
    3. Now that there is space under the hot tub, slide the furniture dolly under it. Take your time in positioning it properly.
    4. You can then take out the 4×4 planks once the dolly is in position.
  • Load it into the truck: If you are moving the hot tub to a completely new location, this is what you do. One person should be pulling the dolly up the furniture ramp on the truck. while another person should be pushing it from below. The two others can support the tub from the sides. Once it is on the truck bed, cover it with protective materials like tarpaulin. Also, ensure that you tie down the tub to prevent it from moving while in transit.

On the other hand, if you are just moving it to a new location in your yard, this is what you do. When you get there, raise one side up and slide those planks in again. Then slide it off the dolly. When that is done, you can remove the planks and let them rest on the ground.

  • Unload in a new location: When you get to a new location, pull out the ramp from the back of the truck. Untie the tie-down straps and remove the cover. Now one person should be pushing from the top while another is below to guide it down. The two others can be on the sides to ensure there is balance.

After doing this, simply wheel it to the desired location. Unload it from the dolly and place it on the ground with the aid of those 4×4 planks.

  • Reconnect and refill the tub. Now that the tub is where you want it, check for any damage. If any, repair them. Then you can reconnect it back to a power source and refill it.

How to move a hot tub on grass

There are a variety of ways you could move your hot tub across grass. I will list some below.

  • Use of PVC pipes: This is a method you can use when you can’t lay your hands on any special moving equipment. You need two pieces of 4 inch pipe for this.

You place one pipe under one side of the tub. Then you roll the tub across it till it touches the ground. Now, you place the second pipe under that side and roll again. You can use these methods for short distances, especially when you have no other option.

  • Using dollies: Dollies are special platforms with wheels that you can use to move heavy objects. In this case, for maximum stability, you will be using two 4-wheeled dollies. To support the tub, all you need to do is use two 4×4 planks. When that is done, slide the dollies one at a time, one at the back and the other at the front. Then begin to push it to its new location. This will give it more stability while moving.
  • Cart: You can make use of a cart to move your tub across the grass. To use a cart, place the hot tub on it and then move it to your desired location. Carts have the advantage of letting you flip the tub on its side. This can be useful when you want to get past tight areas like gates or garages.

How do you move a swim spa without a crane?

There are many ways one can move a spa without a crane. Some have been mentioned above. In addition to those options, you can use a spa sled.

A spa sled is a specialized piece of Teflon that can move across all kinds of surfaces, no matter if it’s grass, gravel, or asphalt. Though it can be quite expensive to purchase, you are getting good value for your money.

Can you move a hot tub with a pallet jack?

Yes, you can. Using pallet jacks is quite simple. Lift one side of the hot tub so you can place one pallet jack underneath. Lift the other side and place another pallet jack. Having two pallet jacks on each side is beneficial. It makes it easier for you to move it down any pathway or platform. One will be pushing from the rear. while the other will be pulling from the front.

Is it OK to transport a hot tub on its side?

There is really no problem with moving a hot tub on its side. Most of the time when you are required to do this is when you need to move it past tight spaces such as gates or narrow enclosures. If you want to do this, just ensure that you take the necessary precautions.

Ensure that it is balanced properly on whatever platform that you are making use of. In addition, also ensure that the side it is resting on isn’t the side the panel is on.

Can you move a hot tub with a PVC pipe?

Yes, you can. As mentioned above, you simply slide two-inch pipes underneath the tub. Then you roll it across the pipes. This is a cheap but effective method when there are no other options.

Can I use a car jack to lift a hot tub?

Yes, you can. When you want to do this, you might need to use one or more car jacks. You only have to be careful where you place it. Don’t just place it under the cladding. This could damage the sides of your tub.

Go around the sides till you find a ledge or lip along them. This is where you would place your jack. You pump the handle till that side is raised up. Now you can slide the planks or boards underneath it to prop it up.

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