How To Get Water To Fill Up Your Swimming Pool

How To Get Water To Fill Up Your Swimming Pool

As a new pool owner, it could be a daunting task to fill the pool. Though it’s not as difficult as you might expect, you need the right information to get things right.

There are different ways to get water to fill your pool. The most common methods are water from wells, water from the municipal water supply, and water from delivery agents.

Choosing any of these three depends on different factors like your budget, time, and technical know-how. If you don’t want to go through the stress of shocking, testing, and adjusting the water chemistry, you should consider your local water supply and water delivery agents.

But, if you can go through the hassle and you don’t have enough budget for the process, using your well water might be the best option. It all depends on you.

What is the cheapest way to fill a pool with water?

Using your water to fill your pool is cheaper than buying the water from somewhere.

So, well water is the cheapest means of filling a pool. But you also need to consider other factors. If your pool is large, you may find it challenging to use well water.

First, the water is not treated. There are bacteria and other contaminants you need to disinfect before you can use it. So, if you use it to fill the pool, you need to shock the pool very well before using it.

Moreover, what if the well dries out? You have to consider that before you can use the well, especially if the pool is large.

Supplying water to the house and to the pool at the same time will use a lot of water. You have to make sure that the water is enough to serve.

Then you also need to consider the workload on the pump. The pump is not meant to last forever, and using it heavily for a very long time may affect it.

If the pump breaks down, that means you will spend extra money fixing it.

How can I fill my pool fast?

If your problem is how to fill your pool faster, then you don’t need to bother about it. Where the challenge is getting the agents that will do the work for you.

If you have water delivery service providers in your location, the process would be a lot easier. Their service makes the whole process a lot faster.

Unlike other methods of filling a pool, using water delivery service providers can help you fill your pool in a few hours. But other methods, like using wells and local water supplies, can take several hours or even a few days to complete the process.

However, you need to know the source of their water, if you must use it. The information they will give you will help you know how to treat your water.

Nonetheless, most of them usually supply treated water. So, if the water is treated, you don’t have a lot of work to do – maybe some testing and adjustment.

Will the local fire department fill my pool?

No, it is not part of their duty to fill swimming pools. This straight answer is not meant to be harsh on anyone, but it’s simply the correct answer.

However, you might get lucky with a few of them, but it’s rare. There are so many reasons behind it. We already stated that it’s not part of their duty.

The duty of any fire department is to take care of emergencies that have to do with life and property. We understand that filling a pool is important to every pool owner.

But how would you fill in if a house was burning somewhere and the department was not able to handle the incident because they were somewhere else filling a pool?

Even the pool owner will not be happy about the event. So, it is better to prevent something that can cost lives and properties from the onset.

Can you use rainwater to fill a pool?

Yes, you can fill your swimming pool with rainwater. If you have a big reservoir to store rainwater, it will help you save a lot of money. At least you are not paying anyone for the water.

Nevertheless, you need to ensure that the water is tested before use. Rainwater can be acidic if it combines with some acidic compounds in the atmosphere.

Also, do your best to treat the water to kill any microbes that might be present in it. Once you can handle these things, then you are free to use the water. It’s free!

Can I fill my pool with soft water?

Filling your pool with soft water puts it at risk. As a pool owner, you have to ensure that you meet all the requirements for your pool’s needs. Your pool is meant to be treated like a baby.

Try everything possible to create a chemical balance in your pool water. Soft water is not meant for pools. Every pool needs hard water. The level of calcium hardness in any swimming pool should be between the range of 200 ppm and 400 ppm.

So, if you fill the pool with hard water, it might affect your pool surface. The soft water will leach the calcium from the pool tiles and walls to balance itself. If that happens, the pool surface will be affected.

Should I bypass the water softener to fill the pool? If the hardness of the water you are using is within the recommended range of 200-400 ppm, you don’t need to pass the water through a softener.

You can only do that when the water is very hard. Even when you pass it through the softener, ensure that the hardness level doesn’t go beyond 200 ppm.

Will my well run dry if I fill my pool?

It depends on how you use the well. If the pool is large, you may need to fill it for a few days. If you try to fill it in one day, it can cause the well to run dry.

The best way to use a well is to run it for a few hours each day and allow it to refill a bit before the next day. The next day, you also run it for a few hours and continue like that until your pool is filled up.

If you force it to fill the pool in a day, the water may not be enough. Remember, you also use the water in the house. So, running it for a very long time is not advisable.

Moreover, heavy usage of the pump can affect its lifespan. If the well dries out, the pump will burn out if there is no dry-well-protection device for it.

Can you fill a pool at night?

A pool can be filled at night. But you have to be present to monitor the situation. If you can’t stay awake, it’s better not to fill the pool at night.

If your pool is big enough, you can manage to do that. But it’s not advisable, especially when you are using well water. It is better to fill your pool during the day and treat the water. Then allow the pool to stay overnight. The next day, you can jump in straight away.

Can you use a fire hydrant to fill the pool?

No, you could be charged for using a fire hydrant to fill your pool. It’s dangerous and cannot be encouraged.

It’s obvious that it can be tempting because it will fill your pool faster, but don’t attempt to use it. Such attempts can damage things if not handled properly.

The pressure coming out of the fire hydrant is very high, and closing it might be a big problem. If not handled properly, it can blow the pipes.

The hydrant can also be dislodged from the fitting while trying to close it. So, don’t try to operate it.

Why is my newly filled pool green?

Don’t bother yourself about the green color of your newly filled pool; it’s normal. If you have not shocked the pool, there is a high probability that the water will contain algae and microbes.

Even debris and other forms of contaminants can change the color of the pool to green. The best thing to do at this point is to shock the pool first.

Once the pool is shocked and allowed to run for a few hours, the green color will disappear.

But if the green color appears after shocking the pool, it means that there are dissolved copper metals in the pool. You can easily remove the cover by using a copper remover. You can get it from any pool supply store in your location.

If there is no pool store around, you can order it online.

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