How To Drain A Coleman Inflatable Hot Tub

Draining a Coleman inflatable hot tub is similar to draining other manufacturers’ hot tubs too.

Now you might want to drain your hot tub because of hygiene issues or maybe it’s winter already and you want to get your hot tub packed up to avoid your pump freezing due to winter.

Whatever your reason for draining is, we’ll be providing all the answers on how to drain your Coleman hot tub water. Stay with us as we proceed gradually.

Here are some steps you should take towards draining your tub.

  1. Open your hot tub cover and then remove the filter. Remove both the bromine/chlorine filter and the pump filter.
  2. After removing the filter, put the caps that came with the filter in the opening left after you remove the filter.
  3. Turn off the pump, then unscrew the hot tub from the pump, losing the pipes connecting them to the drainage valve.
  4. Now pick up your hose and fix it to the drainage valve. Also, ensure that you use a cover that’s meant to cover the hot tub’s opening after it is disconnected from the pump to cover the side of the other open space that won’t be connected to the hot tub.
  5. Once the hose is attached, put the hose somewhere where the water can be drained. In other words, put the other end of the hose into a drain.
  6. Allow the water to drain. It takes about an hour or two for your tub to be drained.

How do you drain an inflatable hot tub with a hose?

Draining is an important component in hot tub water treatment, especially when the water has become bad and toxic from bacteria, algae, and the rest of the contaminants that disrupt the water’s hygiene.

How to drain your inflatable hot tub with a hose can be done in the following steps as shown below.

Step 1. Ensure that there’s a proper drainage system around for you to drain the water. Remember that hot tub water consists of chemicals that need to be hygienic, so an excess load of that water around your area might not be safe.

Step 2. Attach a hose to the hot tub: some inflatable hot tubs come with a hose, while some don’t. If yours doesn’t, get a garden hose. Attach it to your hot tub‘s adapter or to the drainage valve.

Once this is done, you can undo the drainage stopper valve and the water immediately begins to flow out of the hose and directly to the drain. If your hot tub base is a double deck, the water from the tub can damage the wood, so consider this also before draining.

How often should you drain your inflatable hot tub?

Draining your hot tub‘s water is vital if you want to keep it clean and hygienic. Allowing spa water to stay for too long without changing it often results in bacteria and algae development, which poses some health risks to you and the people who soak in the hot tub.

Draining your hot tub water should be done with a purpose. What exactly is the reason why you want to drain your hot tub? Could it be that the water got bad? Or is it winter and you’ll be draining your inflatable hot tub till next summer? Either answer will determine what you need to do.

If your reason for draining your tub water is bad water, you would do well to run proper tests on the water before going ahead to drain it. Sometimes the problem of the spa water does not necessarily need draining to be solved. Adding chemicals in the right amounts can quickly solve it.

It is advisable to drain your hot tub once every three to four months. This will help keep it clean and friendly to use.

Can you drain hot tub water onto the grass?

Hot tub water contains chemicals needed to keep the water safe from bacteria, algae, and other contaminants. Hence, you should not drain your water on your lawn, as this will kill and discolor the grass.

Ensure there’s a proper drainage system nearby before you embark on draining your hot tub. Not only is it harmful to the grass, it can also get into your house and neighborhood, destroying properties.

These are the steps to properly draining your hot tub.

  1. Turn the power to the hot tub completely off.
  2. Place your submersible pump in the hot tub footwell or deepest point.
  3. Connect the hose to the hot tub.
  4. Turn on the hot tub’s power and allow it to drain.
  5. When the hot tub becomes empty, turn off the pump and remove it along with the hose from the spa. Also, take note that some tubs have flow switches and are likely to turn off once the water goes below a certain level.
  6. To ensure there’s no dirty water left in the pipes, use a dry vacuum on the jets and run a hose through the jets to clean them out.

How to deflate a Coleman SaluSpa hot tub.

When winter comes, the fun and joy the average tub owner enjoys after a day’s work comes to an end. This is because of the massive drop in temperature that makes it uneasy to safely be in and out of a hot tub without feeling like you’re freezing to death. As we proceed, we’ll be providing you with the right information on how you can fix your hot tub.

Step 1. Remove the filters. Remove the inflatable hot tub filters completely.

Step 2. Put the caps that a. Remove the filters in the filter space situated in the spar.

Step 3. Separate the pump from the hot tub; unscrew the pipes that connect them both.

Step 4. Get your hose and plug it into the bottom drainage valve. Ensure you cover the unsafe valve before opening the safe one where you’re going to put your hose to drain the water. Then, connect your hose.

Step 5. Put the other end of the hose in close proximity to a drainage system or a place where you’ll like the water to drain.

Step 6: Allow the water to drain for about two to three hours.

Step 7. After all the water has been drained from the spa, use your hot tub maintenance kit that contains a brush and clean the tub properly to take out any dirt.

Step 8. Connect your deflation hose to the pump just like you did when you got it inflated. Now, connect it to your hot tub drainage valve. Follow your hot manual if this is a bit complicated for you.

Step 9. Do the pump test, then turn the pump on and press the water bubble button. Then deflate. Do this to the hot tub cover too, and make sure it is completely deflated.

Step 10. Pack it up and store it in a safe place.

How long can you leave your water in a hot tub?

How long you can leave your water in a hot tub depends on some factors. If you’re just leaving it because you’re busy and not available to use it, then 2-3 weeks can be appropriate to leave it. However, water maintenance and treatment should be consistent throughout.

If you’re planning to just leave the water and continue using it without changing the way, then it can be left for up to three to five months before it becomes necessary to change the water.

However, if it’s the winter season and you’re planning to leave the water, I would say that is not a good idea, as leaving your hot tub with water during the winter would only destroy it. This is why it is appropriate that you completely drain the water out of the spa and pack it up.

Can you use an inflatable hot tub without chemicals?

Using an inflatable hot tub, a normal hot tub, or a pool without treatment is very unhealthy and could be dangerous to your health. Different microorganisms and contaminants survive in the water without chemicals.

Bacteria, algae, and other contaminants all thrive in any body of water without treatment and maintenance.

Untreated water has the possibility of making your skin itch and your eyes irritated. It makes your hot tub water cloudy and greenish in appearance, which makes it unappealing to the eyes for one to soak in it.

The good news is, there are quality and affordable chemicals out there that can keep your hot tub water safe and prevent the development of harmful contaminants. Chlorine and bromine are wonderful examples of there being chemicals and administering them when it comes to hot tub water treatment solutions.

Kindly, get a test strip and test your water and chemical levels to know the needed amount of chemical that is to be added before going ahead and administering it into your hot tub.

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