How Many Bromine Tablets Do I Need For Inflatable Hot Tub?

How Many Bromine Tablets Do I Need For Inflatable Hot Tub?

As it is well known, bromine tablets work just like chlorine does in the hot tub because they are both sanitizers and are majorly used to kill contaminants, pathogens, and bacteria in the water.

The amount of chlorine tablets to put in your spa depends on its size. However, it varies some times. The best way to know the right amount of bromine tablets for your spa is to start by adding 1 tablet at a time.

Test the water to find out the bromine level. Continue the cycle until you get to the appropriate level. 

When the level is low, your spa becomes the perfect place to settle and grow.

Let’s say algae in a tub that has a shortage of bromine. It would possibly do well to change the color of the water to green and grow rapidly, especially when there is just enough phosphate for it to feed on.

You can either increase or decrease the level of bromine in your hot tub, but this should be done after you have tested the water to know the level it dropped or increased to and the quantity of bromine to add to the tub to balance it.

Can I use bromine tablets in my inflatable hot tub?

There are three major forms in which bromine is processed; they are liquid, granular, and tablets. Liquid and granules easily evaporate and wear off. But the bromine tablets can stay very long in the hot tub when you use the tablet floater.

Bromine tablets are very necessary, especially if you want to sanitize the hot tub, although the major element that gives chlorine its sanitizing power is hypochlorous acid, which is usually found in bleach.

Bromine tablets have proven to be the most effective amongst the other forms of bromine used.

How do I add bromine to my inflatable hot tub?

Since we know that bromine comes in three forms, which are liquid, granular, and tablet forms, they are applied in different ways.

The granules can be broadcast in the spa, but it should be done when it is not windy or about to rain.

  • The liquid form can be poured into the water in a circular motion.
  • The tablet bromine should be placed in a tablet floater and kept in the water to move about and spread the bromine while it dissolves.

Any method you use to increase the bromine content of your hot tub, make sure the pump is running to help circulate it even faster.

How many bromine tablets should I put in my hot tub?

It gets too much when you do not use it in measured quantities according to the size of your spa, level of free available chlorine, recent activities done in the hot tub, and the number of people that use the spa. These factors should be considered for pools. as well.

For this explanation, we’ll be using two types of pools, which are mainly:

  • The play pool
  • The diving/deep pool

A play pool needs about 3 to 4 tablets of bromine when it is the summer period every week, and during the winter it needs about 1 to 3 tablets only because there is less heat interfering with it.

For the diving pool, which is normally very deep and would consume more bromine, you can use about 5 to 8 tablets when it is the summer season and just about 2 to 4 tablets every month during the winter.

Before swimming, you have to confirm if the bromine level of the pool has been balanced to the recommended range with a bromine test strip or a liquid tester before using the pool.

What do I do if I put too much bromine in my hot tub?

The bromine level of a hot tub should range between 1.0 and 4.0 parts per million. If you doubt that the bromine level in the spa is neutral, the best option is to get a bromine test strip or a liquid tester to know how high it is.

When you also start noticing cloudiness in the water, you should suspect that the bromine level is higher than it should be.

Once you know the quantity of bromine in the hot tub, then you can drain some of the water. Depending on how high the bromine is, you can drain up to half of the water and replace it with fresh water. Test the water again and balance the chemistry.

How often should I add bromine to my hot tub?

This is kind of tricky because the rate at which you use your spa and how I use mine might be very different, so there is actually no science or precise explanation for how often you should use the bromine tablets.

However, you should observe your hot tub and know what works well and what works better for it. How frequently you use the hot tub can determine how often you use the bromine tablets. Assuming there were no recent activities in the hot tub or no direct sunlight to reduce the bromine level with the UV rays.

It obviously means that the quantity of bromine you apply to your pool would definitely be different from the quantity added to a hot tub that recently had a large crowd or series of heat.

Should I use a floating bromine dispenser in my hot tub?

When you use a bromine tablet floater or dispenser with the bromine tablets, it dissolves and circulates the bromine around the spa. So yes, it is better to use the chlorine tablet dispenser than just dump it into the water. 

Most spa maintenance people recommend putting the bromine tablets in the skimmer basket because water flows through it more frequently, but in contrast, it would slowly break the basket because of how reactive it can be with metals.

But it is advised that you get a chlorine tablet floater that suits the size of your spa, leave it in the spa to go float around the hot tub and spread the dissolved chlorine.

How soon can you use the hot tub after adding bromine?

Bromine is best added at night or at dusk so that it will be given enough time to dissolve in the water without heat making it precipitate.

If you use a bromine tablet, it is necessary that you wait at least 5 hours for it to fully dissolve in the hot tub. But if you use the granules or liquid bromine, you can wait at least 3 hours with the pump running before you can swim in the tub.

When you still notice algae, biofilms, and other visible changes in the spa, you should test the water, use algaecide, flocculant, or clarifiers when necessary before swimming in the hot tub.

When your water is crystal clear and does not have any visible bacteria or microorganisms growing, it can be physically considered safe to swim in.

Now the other part to knowing when the water is safe is after testing the bromine level and other important water chemistry, making sure they are neutral and not too high or low, then your water is very safe and you can enjoy it 99 percent.

Is bromine better than chlorine in a hot tub?

Aside from chlorine, there are some alternatives you can use to sanitize and keep your hot tub clean, but they are not as effective as chlorine and bromine. They are PHMB, ozonators, and mineral sanitizers like salt.

Chlorine is readily available and is quite inexpensive compared to bromine. However, it does not hold up well to heat like the sun and hot water.

Chlorine breaks down faster and evaporates in hot water faster than bromine and also gives off a smell once it is low. This smell we perceive is known as chloramines.

Bromine is arguably better than chlorine for hot tubs because it can tolerate heat and does not give off any odor when low.

However, if you must use a sanitizer, make sure you go for one that has di-chlor because it does not have to be premixed before adding to the water and it dissipates very quickly in the water.

Can I switch my hot tub from chlorine to bromine?

Switching from chlorine to bromine is not rocket science. All you have to do is get a new filter and drain the water completely.

You can switch your hot tub from chlorine to bromine, but you first have to change your filter system to a brominator because if you use the old filter, the chlorine and bromine will combine together. When you mix two chemicals together, it can lead to an outrageous result that will change a lot in your hot tub.

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