Do Inflatable Hot Tubs Use A Lot Of Electricity?

Inflatable hot tubs are an economical alternative to owning a hot tub. You can set it up in your house or anywhere you deem fit and enjoy it the same way normal hot tub owners do. Inflatable hot tubs use electricity and need treatment with chemicals just like normal hot tubs. Running an inflatable hot tub will cost you $50 to $150 a month, but this still depends on a lot of variables.

Variables like electricity play a huge role in determining the cost of running your inflatable hot tub in a month. An average inflatable hot tub has a 1,300 watt heater and an 80 watt circulation pump.

The circulation pump has to run while the hot tub is already set. The heater has to run according to what you need to keep the water at your set temperature.

An inflatable hot tub only possesses enough power to heat the water up to 1 degree per hour. If your water temperature is 2 degrees, and you need to heat the temperature up to 100F, it will take you up to 20—40 hours. The colder the weather outside, the higher you set the inflatable hot tub temperature, the more the heater will run.

So, having known this, we can come to the conclusion that inflatable hot tubs consume more electricity compared to their typical hot tub counterparts.

Do inflatable hot tubs heat the water?

Every hot tub owner can attest to the joy heated water brings. It helps you cool off during the cold seasons and gives you that good vibe. This is one of the major advantages a hot tub has over a swimming pool; the ability to make your water warm.

For economic or other reasons best known to you, you may decide to opt for an affordable hot tub, which is an inflatable hot tub. In this article, which shall be giving you some good details and pros, you need to know about inflatable pools.

  1. Like you already know, inflatable hot tubs are very affordable. You can save a lot of money by opting for them rather than the typical hot tubs.
  2. They are actually very easy to set up. Inflatable hot tubs can easily be put up compared to their counterparts. This saves time and helps you begin to enjoy your fun in no time.
  3. Hot tubs are very portable. They do not take up much space because of their size and can easily be removed and fixed anywhere you would like.
  4. An inflatable hot tub is very easy to clean: it’s made of smooth PVC and vinyl materials.
  5. Durability: Most inflatable hot tubs are not very durable and do not last very long, though this depends on the hot tub brand as well.

Now, the choice is yours. The facts are all before you, and it’s up to you to decide whether to go with an inflatable hot tub or not.

Should I leave my inflatable hot tub on?

Electricity is one of the most important components when it comes to hot tubs, especially inflatable hot tubs.

It is necessary that you leave your inflatable hot tub on at all times if you don’t intend to close it up. Inflatable hot tubs consume more energy to raise the temperature of the water compared to just maintaining it. Also, leaving your hot tub off can lead to bacteria development and buildup.

Also take note that the proper treatment and management of your hot tub‘s water should also be implemented to keep bacteria growth at bay.

What is the most economical way to run a hot tub?

Running a hot tub is quite costly, especially in this period where the economy isn’t as good as it used to be. However, nothing can separate a hot tub from the love of its owner (lol). So, in this blog post, we shall be looking at some ways you can keep your hot tub running by being economical.

  • Replace your old hot tub cover. Old hot tub covers enable heat loss. Just like hot tubs, hot tub covers utilize foam to provide insulation. This foam is normally covered in a plastic vapor which prevents it from becoming waterlogged by the water in the hot tub. With time, the cover will begin to take on water as the vapor barrier slowly breaks down. This is why it is important that you change your old hot tub cover.
  • Program your filtration system: programming your filtration cycle will help you save on so much power costs. Hot tubs need to filter their water to get rid of contaminants, clear the water surface, and keep it safe to use. To do this, turn on one of the pumps and cycle the water through the filter for multiple hours each day.
  • Use economy mode: If you’ll be traveling and won’t be using your hot tub for a long time, change your hot tub from standard mode to economy mode. This changes the way the water is heated up. Instead of heating the water consistently, economy mode will only heat the water during scheduled filtration times. In other words, economy mode reduces your electric bill by running your heater less than it should be.
  • Changing your old filters: Always clean or replace old hot tub filters. Water can barely pass through a dirty filter as much as it can pass through a clean filter. A dirty filter puts the pump under pressure to work harder in order to properly filter the water. This, in turn, destroys and reduces the pump’s life span.
  • Turn off the hot tub’s air control when not in use. The air that comes from your hot tub’s air control normally cools the temperature of your hot tub’s water when not in use. This makes the heater work enormously more than it’s supposed to to compensate.
  • Make sure your cover is locked: ensure your hot tub’s cover is locked when not in use. An uncovered hot tub cover can be lifted by the wind. A cover that is not locked allows heat to escape and releases evaporation.

How long will inflatable hot tubs last?

Inflatable hot tubs are cool, not just for their affordability but for their portable nature. However, the durability of an inflatable hot tub is a major concern that every intending owner should be aware of. We’ll be looking at how long an inflatable pool can last right away.

Some popular inflatable hot tub brands actually have a warranty of five years, but the warranties do not cover cases of damage or spoilage. It is solely on the consumer to repair the hot tub themselves.

Normally a bit tub’s life span is said to be around five to seven years of use, compared to over twenty years for a hardshell hot tub.

Are inflatable hot tubs good in the winter?

An inflatable hot tub gives an affordable alternative to those who would like to get a hot tub, but many buyers have concerns about how well the inflatable hot tubs are insulated and if they are power efficient. This brings up the famous question, “Are inflatable hot tubs during the winter?”

Inflatable hot tubs can be warm during the winter, but “during there’s so much cold or the weather is below freezing for a long period of time, it is expected that you shut down your hot tub for its safety.”

One of the major issues that inflatable hot tubs have is that they do not have a pump or a blower. This means that, even if you have the jets on, the pump can not pump water through the heater, which keeps the water hot, will have a hard time staying hot.

Steps to shut down your inflatable hot tub during the winter.

  1. Cut down the power: Totally shut down the power to the hot tub. After turning off the heater, unplug the hot tub.
  2. Drain the water: Immediately after the jet stops working, drain the hot tub’s water.
  3. Remove the filters: Take out the water filters, clean them, and keep them in a safe location that can easily be assessed if needed.
  4. Make sure there’s no water left in the plumbing: if your plug came with drainage plugs, open them up and allow them to drain. Also, get rid of the water in the jet plumbing by either hand drying it or using a shop vacuum to suck the water out.

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