Are salt water pools good for your skin?

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Most pool owners or intending owners are usually torn between setting up a conventional chlorine pool or a saltwater pool. One of the considerations they have is if the water in saltwater pools will be good for the skin. Well, I am here to announce that the water from a saltwater pool is quite good … Read more

Do Salt Water Pools Have Chlorine?

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A saltwater pool is a swimming pool with a saltwater chlorine generator, which is a machine that turns bulk salt into chlorine. The new chlorine is good at killing germs and algae, and it can also break down dirt and chloramines in a pool. As an alternative to chlorinated pools, saltwater pools have become increasingly … Read more

Can Swimming In Salt Water Cause Swelling?

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No it doesn’t. There will not be a significant rise in swelling due to the salt water, but some swelling may occur due to higher temperatures in the pool water. Swimming could make your edema worse since the position of your body, with your face down, puts extra pressure on your lymph nodes. What happens … Read more

What Does A Chlorinator Do In A Saltwater Pool?

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Chlorine from a saltwater chlorinator is produced in an electrolytic cell. The cell uses the chloride in the saltwater to produce chlorine when pool water is treated with a small quantity of salt. When it comes to keeping your pool clean and healthy, this strategy is second to none in both efficiency and economy. Swimming … Read more

How Much Salt Does A Pool Use Per Month?

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The appropriate concentration of salt for swimming pools is around 3,200 parts per million(ppm). There should be 267 pounds of salt added to a 10,000-gallon pool if there is already no salt in it. That’s the equivalent of six or seven 40-pound bags of pool salt. You should check the salt level of your pool … Read more