Can I Put An Inflatable Hot Tub On My Balcony?

Owning a hot tub is one of the greatest gifts one can give themselves in life. The comfortable feeling of cooling off in your hot tub after a long day is a feeling everybody deserves to feel.

If you live in a flat or an apartment with not much space and you want to get a hot tub, a balcony can be a good area to install or set up your hot tub, although this is subject to some other factors as well, and we shall be looking at them immediately.

Now, about the possibility of being able to put an inflatable hot tub on your balcony. The answer is yes, it is very possible for you to do that. However, as stated earlier, there are factors you need to consider before taking that action. Let’s quickly look at these factors.

  1. Do you have permission to put a hot tub on your balcony? Before taking action, ensure you have a permit to do so. If you don’t, then you need to reach out to the owner of the apartment if there’s one, your resident’s association, or management. This will be very crucial to avoid putting yourself in unnecessary situations. Do not go ahead and install your hot tub on your balcony without first getting a written permit.
  2. Confirm the power requirements to install the hot tub: Seek the services of a professional electrician to know what it’ll take to give your hot tub its light source on the balcony, especially if there’s no prior light out there.
  3. Put drainage into consideration: A very big question to answer is, how would the inflatable hot tub be drained from the balcony? You will have to run a hose from a nearby tap to the tub for it to be filled and another hose from the tub to a sink to drain it.

How much weight can my balcony hold?

Having a hot tub on the balcony is something that has been going on for a very long time and continues to be popular among tub owners.

However, if you’re new to using a hot tub, especially new to using a hot tub on your balcony, it is important that you consider the size of the before going ahead to purchase an inflatable hot tub.

It is appropriate to consult a structural engineer for a proper balcony check-up to ensure you don’t overload it with your hot tub.

If your balcony is overloaded, it can put you and the people in the apartment at risk. Generally, balconies are rated at 5–100 pounds per square foot. Unless your balcony was structurally built like a patio, then it can change its load rating capacity.

Also take note of some of the things that contribute to your balcony’s weight support;

  • Snow: If you live in a snow-active area, the snow that piles up on your balcony would contribute to the amount of weight pressure.
  • The duration of your balcony: If your balcony has been there for a very long time, the amount of weight it can carry will reduce and it might likely crash if loaded with excessive weight.

Can you put a hot tub on a balcony deck?

There are situations where you might not be living in a big or spacious apartment to have your hot tub set up in a comfortable area, and you have no other option but to leverage your balcony.

It is important to consider the balcony’s duration and how it was constructed. When I say how it was constructed, I mean how strong the materials used in constructing the balcony are, before going ahead to install your hot tub, to avoid potential disaster or damage.

It is also very important that you take note of the size and space of your balcony deck. If it’s smaller in size, then it would be advisable to use an inflatable hot tub, as the size and weight are less compared to normal hot tubs.

Can you put a portable hot tub in your apartment?

Yes, it is possible for you to put your portable hot tub in an apartment, especially a spacious area in your apartment. But, take note that if you live in a rented apartment, it is necessary to get permission from the owners of the apartment before going ahead.

This is because, in the process of installing the hot tub, damage might occur and attract strict penalties compared to when you let the owners of the apartment know beforehand.

The most preferred area in an apartment where a hot tub can be situated is the bathroom, especially if your bathroom has enough space.

Also note that, if your apartment does not have enough space and you do not intend to use your hot tub all the time, you can always go for an inflatable hot tub. It takes less space and can always be packed up when not in use.

Can you put a hot tub on a patio?

The location where your hot tub is placed is very important. Imagine visiting a friend and finding out the first room that leads inside the apartment is a bedroom and not a sitting room. It’s weird, right?

This is exactly how it is with your hot tub‘s placement. In this blog post, we shall be looking at things to consider before picking a placement area for your hot tub and if it’s okay to put your tub on a patio.

Delivery access: after your hot tub might have been delivered, the path through which the delivery company or team can move the hot tub materials into your area should be accessible.

When considering the spots, do well to map out the path and measure the clearance along it. Also, consider the measurement of the hot tub in the pre-delivery instructions for each model that are available online or from your dealer, so that you can know the appropriate space to accommodate it.

Structural support: ensure the area that is going to be used for the hot tub placement has enough structural support. Do keep in mind that when you fill a 450-gallon tub with water, the weight gets to about 5,920 lbs.

So, it is very important that your preferred location can harbor and give enough structural support to the spa.

Consider drainage: considering drainage is also an important factor before picking placement for your spa, remember you’ll have to drain your hot tub eventually, so it is advisable to pick a location that is close to a drainage or, if possible, make one close to the drainage. This is to avoid incidental overflow.

Ease of access: your hot tub should be easily accessible to you whenever you’d like to use it. Trust me, you don’t want to place it somewhere very far away from you that you have to walk a distance before you get to it. Instead, consider a location where your spa can be easily used.

Hot tubs bring fun and comfort, but the comfort can be taken away if your spa is placed where there’s no privacy or pleasure. Always consider locations that not everyone or strangers can access, and a secured area where you can enjoy your hot tub without being intruded.

Lastly, there’s nothing wrong with putting your hot tub on a patio. You only have to consider shelter and a proper spa cover.

What’s the difference between a patio and a balcony?

A patio and a balcony are completely different outdoor structures, even though a hot tub can be placed on any of them depending on the structural support, especially on a balcony.

Now, the major difference between the two is that a patio is an open space found at ground level, while a balcony is an elevated platform constructed at least a floor above the ground level. It is also linked to a particular room in the house.

How thick should a balcony be?

Considering placing your hot tub on the balcony? It is important to know that the typical balcony slab is 1 foot thick and that it’s the builder’s desired size of the balcony.

Do not take information online too seriously when it comes to critical matters such as this. Get a civil engineer to help you study and observe your balcony if it is capable of giving the needed structural support to your hot tub without it crashing.

Also, if you live in a rented apartment or an estate area, it is necessary that you seek permission from the owners of the apartment or residential management so you do not get yourself in trouble.

In the course of mounting your hot tub on the balcony, there might be some damage, and it might be provoking if there was no prior information about the process to the right authorities.

After doing everything necessary, it is vital to also consider the space of the balcony. If your balcony is small and does not have enough space, consider using an inflatable hot tub, as this occupies less space and can be packed up too when there’s a need to.

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