Can I Put Essential Oils In A Hot Tub?

Joanna, my friend is one person that does not joke about the use of essential oils. But can she put essential oils in a hot tub? She loves them because they smell great, help her sleep better and even help her ease the accumulated stress after the day’s task. So she didn’t see anything wrong with adding them to the water in her hot tub. Of course, she was looking at the benefit she will derive from using the essential oils.

Essential oils are not meant to be used in a hot tub. They often lead to buildups in the hot tub water which can cause foamy hot tub water and clogging of the hot tub filter.

It was when she started complaining about having a clogged filter and having her hot tub surfaces damaged, I had to point it out to her. You might be having the same issue with your hot tub, well, I’m here to tell you that you are ruining your hot tub and you might just be heading for an expensive hot tub repair in the nearest future. So read on to know why essential oils shouldn’t be added to your hot tub.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are concentrated hydrophobic liquid that has in them volatile chemical compounds from plants. Simply put there are oils from plants, with the scent of the source they were extracted from.

Can I put essential oils in a hot tub?

No, you shouldn’t, even with all the benefits that come with the usage of essential oil. Unfortunately, there are not designed for use in hot tubs. The truth is that the use of essential oils in hot tubs causes myriads of issues to the hot tub’s filtration system and other components of the hot tub.

It will be counterproductive to enjoy for a while then spend more money putting your hot tub in order, so it will better to let go of them while you go for their alternative

What are the effects of essential oils in a hot tub?

As earlier stated if you add essential oils in your hot tub, you might just be damaging your hot tub. The following are the bad effects of putting essential oils in your hot tub

This causes a buildup in the hot tub

One con of using essential oil in your hot tub is the amount of oil build-up you would be experiencing in your hot tub. You might have wanted to enhance your sleep or relax better with the addition of the essential oils but you might be asking for more trouble when the oil start building up in your hot tub

Clogging your filtration system

Essential oils added to your hot tub will behave just the same way oil from your body does to your hot tub. We know it is better to take shower before taking a dip in the hot tub. Why do we do this? Because the oil from our body can build up and makes our filter system clog.

So you can imagine when you continually pour in essential oils even if it’s thrice weekly. It will be more potent and will work faster to get the filtration system clog

The hot tub filter becomes less effective

The essence of the hot tub filter is to filter out contaminants which include dirt, lotion, body oils, and other environmental debris but when this system is clogged, it becomes impossible to filter unwanted particles and it becomes ineffective.

Hot tub filtration systems were not designed to filter any other liquid apart from water, so adding oils to it makes it possible for it to handle. So the whole essence of the filtration system would be defeated and the hot tub will remain contaminated.

The hot tub would be unhealthy to the skin

The aftermath effect from a hot tub that the filtration is no longer effective is hot tub rash. The fact remains that contaminated water on your skin for a long time will bring hot tub rash which is otherwise known as pseudomonas folliculitis.

It will give you skin itch and red rashes that will make you very uncomfortable or might need you to visit a facility to get treated. So to avoid this, you need to keep away essential oils from your hot tub

High cost of repairs and maintenance of the filtration system

When once the filtration system is clogged, you would need more than $500 to either fix or replace the system. The filter, cover, diverter value pressure switch might be damaged in the process and needs a replacement. All of these cost a lot of money to replace. So instead of going for essential oils, it better to go for the alternative that suits the hot tub but offers the same benefits.

What can I put in my hot tub to make it smell better?

Right now, modern hot tubs are designed to work perfectly with advanced water care systems. These water care systems are made to be compatible with aromatherapy. So what this means, is that you only have to use only products that are designed to work with your kind of hot tub.

You don’t just go adding any kind of oil to your hot tub. Only go for the aromatherapy products because these products are produced from materials that go through the filtration system with ease. And with this ease of movement, there will be no blockages.

The good thing about this is that you wouldn’t need to worry about cleaning your hot tub. You wouldn’t also need to replace the filter after using these products. The best thing to do is to visit the nearest local hot tub store you can find to request these alternative products to essential oils.

With these aromatherapy products you wouldn’t only get powerful healing properties but relaxing effects too. Your best bet is to get these products from a certified hot tub dealer. But you need to be sure it will be compatible with your hot tub.

How to care for essential oils in a hot tub?

In as much as, it isn’t advisable to use essential oil in your bathtub, but if you still want to use it which is your choice. Then, you might take into consideration the following, to reduce the damage to your hot tub.

  • Avoid essential oils that may be photosensitive to your skin

The bad thing about essential oils is that they can cause a photosensitive reaction to the skin. This simply means that after you have exposed your skin to sunlight you might experience issues like darkening of the skin, rash, or blister. To avoid this, use other types of essential oils in your hot tub and avoid the ones made from citrus.

  • Use real essential oils than infused oils

Well, even though it is still not good to use essential oils in your hot tub. However, the after-effects might be manageable than the damage from infused oils. So if you still insist on the use of essential oils in your hot tub, go for real essential oils.

You need to check the feel, the container, the name, the price, and the looks of the oil before you buy. Infused oils which are otherwise known as carrier oils have the same scent as essential oils but are not the same chemical properties. The damages the hot tub more.

  • Use the essential in small quantities

To avoid high damage to your hot tub, though the damage will still build –up over time. It is wise to use them in very small doses. The fact remains that essential oils are powerful oil and they are highly concentrated. So even with the smallest dose, you can still achieve a good number of benefits you had anticipated.

You can use the recommended dosage of 3 drops of essential per person capacity( what this means is the capacity of your hot tub) so if you have a 7 person tub, then the drops should be 21 drops no matter the number of people to use the hot tub. So even if you are using different essential oils at a time, you should try to follow the dosage.

  • Go for thieve’s oil for deep cleaning

Using the thieve oil which is still a blend of essential oils wouldn’t be a bad idea. This oil contains high anti-bacterial properties. The only snag here is that it contains citrus oil as well.

So you shouldn’t use the oil when you are already in the hot tub. Thieve’s oil can conveniently clean your hot tub if you use a high dosage of it especially when you wouldn’t need to use your hot tub for a while

How to safely use the aromatherapy products without clogging your filtration system

The use of essential oils in the hot tub isn’t recommended, because of its most outstanding effect. The effect is it clogging of the hot tub filter. So the use of aromatherapy products is more recommended. The reason for this is that you would only be using the products that are specifically used for the hot tubs.

How do you add aromatherapy to a hot tub?

There are numerous forms of aromatherapy products out there. The aromatherapy may come in liquid or solid form. Just be sure that you are getting the appropriate one for your hot tub.

If you are using the liquid aromatherapy product, you can add the essential oil direct to the hot tub. Circulate it so it can mix evenly with the water before you enter the hot tub. Other solid forms may require the use of dispenser. But, any form you are getting, make sure to find out if it is right for your hot tub.

What this implies is that these would be products that your filter would handle better to avoid clogging. To safely use these aromatherapy products, which are essential oils alternatives, you need to buy them from a trusted local hot tub store.

The right form of Aromatherapy for your hot tub

Only buy the products that are tailored for your hot tub specifically, so that your filter will be able to handle its residue. You can get any form of these products; be it in the liquid form, bath, or salts. These products will be able to fizz or evaporate before you know it

The Aromatherapy liquids:

You can go for aromatherapy products that are in liquid form, as the liquid products are always enriched with skin softeners and emollients. This form will not change the pH level of your hot tub. It will also mask any chemical odor. So you might not need to use such products for a strong scent

The Aromatherapy crystals:

This is the most popular form of Aromatherapy products that is great for hot tubs. This form offers different scents that will improve a hot tub experience with a soothing fragrance. With crystals, one’s pains and aches will melt away. It will also soften the skin. So you can get this form that suits your hot tub to derive the benefits it offers

Aromatherapy bombs:

The aromatherapy products come in this form too. Some bombs can be used in the hot tub. So you need to find the ones that will suit your hot tub. These bombs will not affect the chemistry of your water. With these bombs, you are sure of enjoying your hot tub with a light scented bomb that suits you.

The Aromatherapy beads:

If you like the bead form of aromatherapy products then you can get one for your hot tub. Each bomb comes with its dispenser that will float in the water. This dispenser helps the water to slowly release the desired odor. The beads are produced to work on the joints, muscles, and respiratory organs.


Using essential oils in your hot tub might come with some benefits, but this doesn’t make it right. The harm they will cause outweigh the little benefits one might derive from the use. So why don’t you go for an alternative that offers even many benefits and with no aftermath effects unlike the use of essential oils?

The aromatherapy products were designed for this same purpose. So the bottom line is that you dump the idea of using essential oils in your hot tub and embrace the above-listed alternative that would be a better option

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